Jonathan Bellamy spoke with managing partner, James Everall.

James Everall
James Everall

If you are looking for a job, or are a business or organisation looking to employ, you might be interested in a new website. It's called and Jonathan Bellamy spoke with the managing partner, James Everall, about their vision and success rate so far.

Jonathan: How did begin?

James: It's a fairly long story, but I'll give you the short version.

I've been involved in recruitment, talent acquisition, and developing talent strategies, for a number of industries, predominantly within food and beverage FMCG. I've been working in organisations trying to help them develop best practices for how to find the right people, keep the right people, and build future talent acquisition strategies. I've done that across a number of different arenas and I'm entering into my thirteenth year of doing that.

I've been a Christian while doing that. I've been a Christian since I was 16.

About a year ago I felt stirred to do this for a different part of the industry that I was increasingly being brought into, which was more of the non-profit sector. I was doing things for various non-profit organisations, but also increasingly for Christian organisations. I discovered that there was a need to bring some of the things that I had experience in into that world.

So that's how we started We found that that domain was free so my managing partner, Rob, and I, purchased that and started to develop a plan for how we can serve the Christian non-profit organisations.

Jonathan: With there already being other sites out there, why is there a need for one that's just for Christians?

James: There are a number of job portals out there that are specific to certain industries and demographics.

With the Christian demographic we are passionate about getting the Christian workforce, Christians up and down the country, whether that's a CofE Christian, or an Evangelical Christian, or someone who's just become a Christian and doesn't really fall into a denomination, just getting them to think about options for them.

From having conversations with people I know and people from my church and other organisations, they felt that it was quite limited for them, so they were looking for an avenue that would connect them to Christian organisations.

The purpose of what we do, is we're saying to an organisation that would want to use our site, you're predominantly going to be viewed by a Christian workforce, or someone who is potentially thinking about your organisation. You can go onto Indeed, there are lots of great ones, and we're not trying to be Indeed or Monster or Totaljobs or CVLibrary. We're trying to serve the Christian community from a workforce perspective, but also from a workplace perspective.

Jonathan: What kind of organisations would advertise on this site?

James: There are a number of well-established Christian organisations that are doing some incredible work across this country. The one that springs to mind instantly is CAP UK - Christians Against Poverty, who were recently showcased on the BBC. They do an incredible work. They're an organisation that is well-known, but is still looking to better itself in terms of finding full-time staff, part-time staff, and volunteer staff.