Wendy Alec
Wendy Alec

For lovers of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, taking in fantasy, thrillers and suspense woven with Biblical truth, a new author is emerging and gathering hungry readers of her works worldwide. Wendy Alec, co-founder of the hugely influential global TV network GOD TV is also an exceptional creative writer of cant-put-down fiction. The first two in a planned set of seven books in the Chronicles Of Brothers series are now available. The first, 'The Fall Of Lucifer' sets the scene in the pre-Creation heavenlies as three brothers, archangels Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer wrestle the effects of Christos' plans to create a new race, the race of men. The second, 'Messiah, The First Judgement', is a rollercoaster of energy and emotion as the story of the fall of man and the rescue plan of Christos are set in full motion amidst the threatening darkness of the wiles of the Prince of Perdition! The following is an extract from the beginning of the brand new 'Messiah, The First Judgement', which starts with a Prologue extract from the first in the series, 'The Fall Of Lucifer'...

Prologue from 'The Fall Of Lucifer' - The Chronicles Of Brothers - Book 1

The tempest built with the force of a cyclone, and a torrid inferno rose out of the blackness, illuminating the entire panorama. Lucifer lifted his forearm from his face, his mouth opening and closing mindlessly in terror as an all-consuming apocalyptic sheet of flame descended onto his angels, the scorching, incinerating flames engulfing them. 'The consuming fire!' he shrieked.

All across the chamber, spine-chilling screams resounded as the renegade angelic host were consumed by the blistering fireball.

'I'll take Man with me! I won't burn alone!'

His deranged screaming resounded through the darkness as the searing tongues of fire started to engulf Lucifer. He looked down incredulously at his hands. As he watched they blistered. His broad, manicured nails twisted into talons and yellowed with age. The chiselled alabaster features became pockmarked. The jet-black eyebrows grew together. The beautiful aquiline nose became misshapen. The passionate crimson mouth grew thin and cruel.

Frantic, Lucifer put his hands to his cheeks, feeling his mangled, misshapen features. The magnificent thick ebony tresses fell from his scalp in smouldering clumps. His gold and ruby ring burned deep into his flesh.

'Hear me, Christos!' he screamed. 'I, Lucifer, Light-bearer, chief prince, holy angelic regent of the Royal House of Yehovah, do now become Your sworn enemy, and treachery and iniquity will I bear unto You throughout eternity of eternities!'

Gale-force wind blew through the chamber. The angels with Lucifer - themselves hideously transformed - clung desperately to balustrades, marble columns, and overturned marble tables as they were sucked away from the throne room. They screamed frenziedly as the lightning raged.

Then, propelled by some unseen gargantuan magnetic force, they and everything in their wake were sucked towards the swirling black vortex beyond the chamber entrance.

The shadows had fallen...

1981 ST Michael's Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, England

The dark, imperial figure stood on a jagged outcrop beneath the towering granite slopes of St Michael's Mount. His indigo cloak billowed in the violent gales that blew up from the raging winter storm in the English Channel.

'Our Father...' Lucifer murmured, his soft, cultured tones barely audible. A bolt of lightning flashed, illuminating the soaring pyramidal mount crowned by its medieval castle.