Sarah J spoke with Professor Roy Peacock, a former atheist and well established scientist and advisor to many government bodies and industrial companies in the UK and overseas.

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Sarah: You just said that the only time that the law of thermodynamics has been disproved as such is this idea of God creating a miracle in creation. Could you not say that evolution then was the disproving of the laws of thermodynamics?

Roy: Well if evolution is disproving the laws of thermodynamics we don't have a basis for scientific thinking. If we say that what the two laws of thermodynamics is saying is now in contention with evolution, and we know that evolution is holding true, then we have an entirely different ball part to be talking around. Let's be honest about it, it's called the evolutionary theory, they're called the Darwinian theory or Lamarckian theory. They're theories.

Sarah: So you're saying it's a theory it's not a law?

Roy: Yes. Exactly. I saw some fellow on television two months ago saying, evolution's it's been proven thousands of times. Well my question is, would you show me one of them.

Sarah: That's quite interesting; the fact that you pointed out that it's a theory. Because when I teach, I teach many different theories, and I say not one of them has all the answers. So you're saying it's a theory therefore it hasn't got all the answers and therefore when we look at the Bible that isn't necessarily presenting a theory, that's saying this is what happened.

Roy: Yes. And I make a further point, the Bible doesn't set out to be a scientific document. There is a fundamental difference between what science is trying to discover and what the Bible is presenting. Science is trying to say how does something happen. The Bible is saying why does it happen. They're fundamental differences. Now that doesn't mean to say that they each live in their own little bubble, non-interacting with the other. It's just saying the objectives are different. And Greek scientists came to that conclusion long before I did. Michael Faraday was one such - who it was said of him in his obituary notice, it's impossible to tell where his science finished and his religion began. One blended into the other. Which I think is a rather nice statement.

Sarah: Awesome stuff. Thank you very much for sharing your story and also giving us some food for thought around the whole evolution versus creation debate.

Roy: It's my pleasure I can assure you. CR

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