Paul Calvert chats with Suellen Roberts from the Women In Media Association about the work they do all over the world.

Suellen Roberts
Suellen Roberts

Paul: What is Women In Media Association?

Suellen: Well we are women that are in media and our primary purpose is to inspire through the word of God and key note speakers that we have at our events, also we equip, we train, we do media seminars and we connect. To me the connection is so important in what we do because we help each other further our media projects.

Paul: When were you started as an organisation and why were you started?

Suellen: Very good question, I started in 2002 where God touched my heart to begin this organisation for women. I was a TV producer at the time and I felt like there needed to be more things where women could gather together. Now it is a little bit different but back then in 2002 I was in a very large media organisation, association, that was predominantly men, so I felt there was a need to begin something for women.

Paul: Why is it important for women to get involved in the media?

Suellen: Well I think having a voice is really important, and seeing it from the women's perspective as believers in Christ. It is so important that we have that voice that can speak out with a different perspective perhaps than a man, but we do look to working together. I think the important thing as believers in media is that we do work together to primarily bring the gospel but also those who are in secular media, we want to be there to encourage them and what they do.

Paul: Is it important for Christians to be involved in Media? We hear a lot about fake news.

Suellen: Oh yes absolutely. One of the things we are doing in 2020, is having a very large conference for men and women and the theme is influencing the influencers and we can be an influence as we have this media platform. It is so important as Christians that we present truth, that we bring forth what is right and have the biblical perspective on various things. We encourage young people in particular to get into the field, study, get your degree, or if you don't have a degree if God leads you to get into the media.

Paul: Is there a battle at the moment for Biblical truth?

Suellen: Oh absolutely, you see its permeated, I am here in Israel with you so I don't know as much but in the US our media is permeated with untruth and we just see a rise of things whether it is commercials, whether it is television shows, whatever it is of the world and what the thinking is and so it is important for us to use that platform for right thinking and for truthful thinking.

Paul: You take your theme from Esther 4 v 14, what is that scripture? And why is it that scripture?

Suellen: It is important because that was from Queen Esther, the book of Esther in the Old testament where she was a courageous woman and stepped before the king, before being asked, since she risked her life to save her people and the famous quote that we all know is, "For such a time as this". I believe God is calling men and women for such a time as this. Time is short and we have a message of the gospel of Jesus Christ that needs to go forth, whether it is through television, social media and now video on demand is such a big platform, whether you are writing books or in publicity, publications, its important.

Paul: Is it difficult for Christian media to have a voice in this generation, this time because of political correctness, because you are not allowed to say certain things?

Suellen: Yes that is the thing, we were just discussing that earlier. Political correctness actually limits our free speech and I think we need to fight against some of it because it is not a conservative voice that is coming forth.