Paul Calvert chats with Suellen Roberts from the Women In Media Association about the work they do all over the world.

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Paul: What is the mission of your organisation?

Suellen: Well the mission is to inspire, equip and connect women and one of the things that is said about us, we are worldwide, we are in 16 cities, we meet four times a year in the US, London, Frankfurt and also in Albania. We have members in 28 nations but what is so important is unity, that we unify and bring together women that love Jesus and that want to be encouraged and inspired.

Paul: It must be a real blessing for you as women to come together in the media and just encourage each other.

Suellen: Yes, yes it is. It's a lot of work behind the scenes but when it happens we get so much good feedback how this has changed their lives, you know we are out there in the media and we just need to have somebody support us, lift up our arms as we are doing work whether in secular or Christian media.

Paul: What other projects do you run?

Suellen: Our other projects that we run under the Christian Women In Media banner is the Global Media Summit that is coming up in 2020. This will be our 5th anniversary of men and women from all over the world that gather in the United States, in Dallas Texas once a year and we have tremendous speakers and music. This year we are doing a Music Award ceremony and we have the Platinum awards for outstanding people. For people who come to connect with each other the seminars are outstanding, full of experts that give really good knowledge to walk away and increase what you are doing, that is what we look for.

Paul: So there is a real strategy to what you are doing with that?

Suellen: Yes exactly. Under our umbrella we also have The Heart Of Mercy Mission, and we reach out to help abused women all over the world.

Paul: Reaching out to abused women, that must be very important to you?

Suellen: Oh yes absolutely it is important. One out of three women are in an abusive situation and when you think of it worldwide in other countries and the things that go on such as, bride burnings, prostitution but even in the home being abused. It is also quite prevalent in the United States.

Paul: Are you making a difference in the community?

Suellen: Yes we are. I was just in Tirana, Albania, working with a media entity there that is reaching the Muslim world, I was on Television and I spoke at two events and encouraged them to reach out. They have a ministry to women that are being abused so we are supporting them financially.

Paul: Why are you here in Israel?

Suellen: Well I am here to attend the Christian media summit. It is actually my first visit to Israel. I am overwhelmed with meeting so many interesting people from all over the world and hearing the speakers and being encouraged. Sometimes as a leader we have to get away and listen, you know and be encouraged and hear what God is doing.