Paul Calvert chats with Suellen Roberts from the Women In Media Association about the work they do all over the world.

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I just want to talk to you a little bit about how God worked in my life. I was living in New York city at the time, in Manhattan, and I was working for Gucci , the world renowned leather maker, they do jewels and fashion and everything now. I was in the high end of working directly for Aldo Gucci himself who started the whole Gucci empire and I ran the VIP floor, it was the Gucci galleria with his Italian exhibit and I went to Europe for a while, lived in England.

I came back to help care for my mother who was ill at the time. While I was driving down the highway, not really thinking about anything really serious, the Lord spoke to my heart, 'Suellen, you need to get into television'. So I started taking some production courses and I just started this program because the Lord touched my heart. I know that many of you maybe reading this and God maybe touching your heart about doing something for him. So as we listen and as we are obedient, God takes over and he takes charge. I started a very small show, small budget in Television, volunteer crews and all that. But from that I had somebody come up to me and say they want to help financially, so they paid for that show.

I went to the next level they footed the bill for that show too, then when I got to the Network level which was huge they footed the bill for that as well. So God provided all along the way and even though I didn't know anything about TV but by God's leading I had a nationally distributed program in 100 million households. From that I ran a TV station and then I became senior Vice President of a broadcasting corporation that had 27 stations under that umbrella.

So we never know as we listen to God what he will do in our lives and the important thing is that as we pray and we read the bible, God shows us, He speaks to us and we have to be willing to be obedient and to walk according to his way.

Paul: It's amazing what God does sometimes isn't it?

Suellen: Yes it is, it's exciting. It's above and beyond our expectation. So here I am in Israel for the first time, this is above and beyond my expectation sitting here with you Paul.

Paul: Last night was the opening of the Christian media summit. Who spoke?

Suellen: It was the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He is an amazing speaker, I have seen him in the US quite a bit on television and he has such a command of the language of speaking and he was just brilliant. We also heard the US ambassador, David Freidman, speak as well as Mike Evans who founded the beautiful museum here (Friends of Zion Museum).

Paul: How has the media summit been for you? Has it been encouraging?

Suellen: Oh yes everything has been absolutely amazing and it's bringing to light the nation of Israel to all the media people that are attending, to really hear what is going on here and the world opinion and even the Anti Semitism that exists today. It is very subtle but you know they were describing that in some of the meetings.

Paul: Is Israel important to you as Christian Women In Media?

Suellen: Yes it is. Israel of course as we know is very important and that is why I am here, actually to learn more. It has always been a focus of my life, I was raised in the New York area, primarily Jewish community so I had some familiarity with it but to know how God's people through the Old Testament and how studying the scriptures, how important it is today. It's a strategic place and the miracles that have happened to bring about the state of Israel, I have been studying that for the last couple of years.

Paul: What is your prayer for the future of the organisation?

Suellen: My prayer is to be worldwide. We want to be out there encouraging women that are Christians in Christian and secular media and to really gain more of a world presence. Once we are more known we can be more effective.

Paul: What is your website for people who would like to know more?

Suellen: Its  CR

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