Life isn't just about us. It's about other people too. This is a room for you to pray for other people and their situations, our government and leaders, anything that's not ourselves. Stand in the gap and shake heaven. Shoulder other people's burdens and care. Shout God's grace, goodness and provision for them. Pray God's heart.

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Wife and marriage

Please pray that Jesus Christ would fill my wife's heart with His Holy Spirit and He would heal her heart. Also that my marriage and family be restored from the destruction of my own sin.

Submitted by Jason on 8 May 2021

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Lord, please give me favor with people I am asking to help us get a container or even a few containers to a Pastor my Dad is friends with i Malawi. They need so much help. They would like christian books clothes and shoes may be even a few cooking utensils. Please Lord open hearts today so we can be useful. Lord you know how hard I am struggling with so much, give me the strength to do this. Thank you and praise you in advance.

Submitted by Fiona on 2 Feb 2018

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Please pray for louise that she is able to fully recover. She has M.E. She is really suffering she can even bear the sound of the laptop in her home. I want to thank God for keeping me alive and giving me his presence and keeping m out of hell. Many thanks for all the prayers on here. PRAISE GOD!!

Submitted by F on 11 Dec 2017

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On going deep pain and suffering

Lord I am broken in so may ways. I can't hear so well and have hearing aids. I am over weight due to side effects of medicen that I have to take for my seriouse mental health conditions. I often long for you to take me home. I am full of repressed pain. You have never given me a marrige partner (I am hetrosexual) why have you left me for saken in so many ways. Mts my mother never calls me and my Dad and sister don't seem me so often. I live alone. When will things improve? My body hurts you can imagion my emotional pain. I have been tricked by and evil man who was a pastor that led me into the most damaging stuff imaginal. My ministers look horifyed when I tell the. My Dr looked scared for me. Oh God spair me living in a psyc ward all my life. I can't take so much more. Thank you God that you can turn it around. I still love you King of Kings Lord of Lord Thank you God you can turn it around an

Submitted by F J on 28 Nov 2017

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For Linda

Lord hear my heartfelt prayer for a dear mother of a severely disabled and autistic boy who has been stricken with 3rd stage breast cancer. Though I do not know her I know of her and I want the Lord to know her too. Bring her a supernatural healing Lord that will release her to your mercy and give to her new life so she make drink, bathe and paddle in Your Living Waters. In this way her love and care for her son may continue and her spared life bring joy to her son and husband - may Your will be done in the love of JESUS.

Submitted by Anne on 1 Feb 2017

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For son

pray for my son Jordan will want to play and sing for the lord again he's 26 now lives in Ann Arbor mi he plays rock in the clubs tonight he and the band is in Chicago playing

Submitted by Karen on 28 Jan 2017

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Cancer sufferers

Today a friend and colleague is undergoing an operation to remove a brain tumour. I also received news that someone we had chosen for a position was diagnosed yesterday with multiple brain tumours with a poor prognosis. Please lift their plights to God with me and pray for their physical and mental health and for strength to them and their families during these times. Lord please help all cancer sufferers to overcome this terrible illness, give them strength to work through their treatment and give their families strength and support. Amen Thank you and God Bless

Submitted by David on 24 Nov 2016

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Healing from Autism and its like

Join me in lifting my first son Samuel to the Lord. I want total healing for his mind, soul and body from Autism and for the Lord to make him whole and to change his name like Jabez

Submitted by Folashade on 20 Sep 2016

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seriously ill guinea pig

Lord Jesus i ask you in your Mighty Name to heal Li'l Garfunkel the guinea pig, who is ill with a possible brain infection after a serious eye infection. the vet is trying to keep him alive. Lord we need a miracle now at this late hour. please restore LG completely. his owner K does not yet know you, and your healing of him could really help her see you are God. Amen

Submitted by on 25 Mar 2016

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salvation and healing for James

Lord, please hear my prayer. James is searching for meaning and spirituality in his life but he is reluctant to turn to you. i pray you break down these walls of fear and uncertainty which are stopping him from receiving you. as you know, Lord Jesus, at the moment he is in a psych ward recovering from a breakdown caused by PTSD- he needs you so much. please break through into his life in your Mighty Name, Jesus, i pray. Amen

Submitted by c on 25 Mar 2016

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