Whatever God's done in your life, however big or small, if you share it, it may really help someone else. Also, it's a great way of saying a big thank you to God. It's pleasing to His heart to have won us to the point we declare Him and His works to everyone else. We love you God!

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Cross Rhythms and Me

About 5 years ago I met my ex at a friend's party. He was a "cradle Catholic" like me, and very caring. We went out for a while, and I was able to meet and get to know his family. Even though we are not together now, I am still close to his family and especially to his Mum who is my best friend. A couple of years later, in 2010, I was talking to him online when he mentioned Cross Rhythms. Having no idea about the radio station or the site, I listened for a while. I listened to a few different shows and was quite a regular listener to the Sunday Chart. I was looking for a job at the time, and wanted to gain some more volunteering experience. So I applied to be a transcriber and was accepted. Doing this role, I have heard many testimonies, one of which inspired me greatly. and listened to many Christian artists I had never heard of before, except through my best friend's family. (the likes of Matt Redman, Casting Crowns, Newboys, Brenton Brown to name but a few). That same year, I attended Big Church Day Out with my best friend for the first time, and have done each year since. Last year, I had just applied to college to study a Graduate Youth Work and Ministry programme. The Big Church Day Out inspired me to go for interview, due to listening to the performance of LZ7 and also meeting them. I went for interview and was accepted onto the course. Although this year has been difficult, I know God has been there, along with family and friends, to support me. The flexibility and understanding of the CR staff has also been a great comfort. The course included working at a retreat centre, where the music mentioned above, and sometimes heard first on Cross Rhythms, has also featured in youth masses, activities and discussions. I will be working with the retreat centre team from September. Yesterday, I graduated with Merit and JNC. I am now a qualified youth worker and minister. I will also be starting a part time MA and looking to continue transcribing for Cross Rhythms when I can. In a way, Cross Rhythms has impacted my future, as well as giving me great music and transcribing experience. I have also taken inspiration from some of the CR Life Files when needed. God uses many different tools to help us achieve our potential, even radio! Whilst an unexpected journey, I am very thankful for it, and would like to encourage others to keep listening. There may be a song, or article, which speaks to you too!

Submitted by K on 22 Jul 2012


I've been going to church from a young age but never really understood what being a christian was all about. Then, in 2007, these crazy people who called themselves thebandwithnoname! I listened to their songs and was inspired for a little while. I strayed from god a bit when i went through a rough patch a couple of months after. In 2009, the band came back to my school and i really got involved. after going to their concert and buying their CD, i became a BWNN super fan! After e-mailing ChipK, (the leader,sort of ) I decided I wanted to be a more devoted christian. I asked chip a couple of questions, questioned my R.E teacher's ear off and recently started the schools alpha course. I cant wait for the next meeting and my path with god, im sure will just get better and better! (along with the challenges!)

Submitted by Hannah on 20 Jan 2010

Jeremiah 29 V11

several years ago I brought out a Gospel c.d.I gave a copy of it to our Church to see if maybe I could sing some of my songs at Church,(all the songs and music was written by my self) and i wanted the Church to learn them.We were singing the songs in my home group,so I thought that there would not be a problem.I was told that the songs were performance songs and more suited as part of my testimony.I must admit that that really threw me,I couldnt understand why they didnt want to sing my songs.This led to resentment and sadness,and it made me feel like I wanted to move to another fellowship,where my songs would be appreciated.I really felt that the lord wanted to sing my songs,so I decided to send a copy of my c.d to the local Churches in the area,to offer to come and share my testimony through word and song and would you believe it,not one Church got back to me!! Whilst this was going on ,Jeremiah 29 v 11,kept coming back to me."I know the plans I have for you,declares the Lord" Eventually I got over the resentment and got back to praising God without scowling at the up and coming Worship leaders in our Church(who were playing songs that they had written). Anyway,a couple of months ago,I was asked to go and sing at a residential home for the elderly,these lovely elderly people were suffering with dementia and altzeimers.As I was singing,it hit me like a bolt of lightning.I could feel the presence of God saying "THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO" YOU COULD HAVE KNOCKED ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER!! I drove home and told my wife what had happened.Bless her,she is more of a realist than me,so her reaction wasnt as excited as mine. Anyway ,I said to her that if this is from God, He will supply me with a job for 20 hours per week and that way I would be able to work round that and sing in the homes. And that would be a sign from God that,thats what He wants me to do. And guess what ? I have recently changed my job and I am now working 20 hours per week !! I feel that this year will be a time of God opening doors and I really believe,that next year I will be doing this full time.About 2 years ago,I felt God was calling me into full time Ministry,so I am holding on to that and doing my best for the Lord day by day. I was praying the other week and I felt that God was asking me to look in this book,as I opened it ,the first thing to catch my eye was a qoute from Macbeth which read,"Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased" (remember the people I was singing to had demensia and altzeimers) .It was like confermation for what I was doing.I come from a troubled back ground,I was raped by a man when I was 17years old,suffer with depression(im still on medication) spent my teen-age years in different prisons and I used to self harm.I wrote my first song in prison and now God uses it for His glory,I have just finished my training to answer phones in a rape and sexual abuse centre.If we let him, God can use our bad situations for good.We may feel like we are walking down a path that seems dark ahead,but if we take one day at a time holding the hand of the Lord,the future can seem clearer.Its not easy,but I know a man ,who is greater than any man and that is JESUS. If God can use a man that has been broken and battered in the past ,like me,then He can use anybody.There are people only you can reach for Jesus,and where you are now,well that is your mission feild.Have you sown any seeds today? If not.dont beat yourself up about it,He will give you fresh oppertunities..........if your willing. "I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU ,SAYS THE LORD" hold on to that promise.........Terry G

Submitted by Terry Griffiths on 24 Jun 2009

I'm here

father I'm here and i'm waiting for you to come and take me. father you know where i am in my life and you know the path i'm taking. but father i pray that you bring me closer to you and that you just allow me back in to your presents. i know your next to me and your with me, you've worked so hard in my life and i've come so far because of you. please father will you take me to the next step and just help me to be frineds with my Bible. thanks you lord.

Submitted by claire on 13 Jan 2009


raised in a Christian home, church 3x's a week, went to CHristain Lib Arts College after HS. My 1st yr of college (istopped attending church, started smokin pot...) dad asked mom for a divorce--I thot these things only happened to 'other people'? next 7 yrs i went from smokin hash,opium to buyin/sellin drugs, shootin heroin, cocaine, morphine. drinking, doin coke/speed to go to work. Another musician gave me tickets to 2nd Chapter of Acts concert in 1975--went home (to my rented sleeping room), pulled my madly marked Bible out of an old box, started reading in Romans; call my college roomy from a payphone @ 2am, he drove 25 blocks to get me & the next 4 hrs we talked, prayed & God delivered me from bondage!!!!! My daughter just married in July (her husband leads worship at church) & my son's in his last year at Bible school--wants to go to Kenya to work with our missionaries there when he graduates! SO, praise God, that in Christ 'what comes around does NOT need to go around'!!!!!!! Dave, Rochester, NY ps - I'm a musicain, got ot this site after looking up 'Ed Raetzloff'--guess he only did 2 albums, but chk 'im out--they are Awesome!!

Submitted by Dave on 8 Nov 2008


i have always attended church, as mum used to take me and my brothers with her every sunday, since we were born. i have always believed in God and became a christian at the age of ten. when i was nine my life took a terrifying turn, which to this day my family know nothing about and that's the way i want it to stay. for the following three years, i was put the the most brutal, horrific ordeals of my life. a 16 year old across the road, started to abuse me, both physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. his attacks went on for about 8 months. during that time he encoraged three (slightly younger than him) other boys to hurt me, as long as they didn't overstep the 'boundaries.' he disappeared one day, but the boys kept hurting me for three years, during which a geroup of girls also started to physically hurt and torment me too. during that 16 year olds attacks, i know that God heard my cries, as he got me out of the situation everytime. i used to lie awake at night wishing a thunder storm would come, as i gave me comfort; it felt as though God was angry at the devil for hurting me and the thunder was God's voice as he dealt with the devil and the lightening was his way of punishing the devil. the rain felt like God's tears, weeping for all the hurt children in the world. when i was 10, i prayed a prayer asking Jesus to come into my life. even though all the pain and suffering was still happening, i felt calm and really close to God. i could feel God's arms around me. through all the abuse i felt humanly alone, but not spiritually. the one who abused me, used to tell me that God had sent me here for him and that if i didn't make him happy, i was failing God. deep down i knew that wasn't true. many times i ask myself why the abuse happened, but it's a question to which i will never know the answer. the guy that hurt me is back in my home town now and so are the other three. i opened up and told a few close friends about the past, one of them was my minister, but apart from my best friend, they all started to treat me differently, after i mentioned the word rape, even my minister - that hurt, as she'd been to counselling with me. my best friend and i are in a different church now. it hurt so much to leave the church i'd grown up in and regarded as my family. we've been in this new church for about 8 months now and it feels like home, as the minister(who is a man), knows about my past and is being 100% supportive. the people are fantastic and very loving and caring. when the minister and my friends from my old church started to reject me, i struggled to with praying and reading the bible, (something that i had never lost, even when i was being abused). i asked my minister there for help, but all she said was "let's talk about something more positive." that hurt me deep, i went to her becauseshe was a minister and would help me to build my prayerlife back up. it was my best friend that got me through the tough times and she has helped me to be able to pray and read the bible again. the minister at my new church, has also helped me areas of my faith. through all the storms, God has been there and the next stage of my journey with God is just beginning. where there's life there's HOPE.

Submitted by nic on 23 Oct 2008

Easter Vigil

Tonight, Easter Eve, The young people of St Matthias Church are holding a youth prayer vigil. We are thanking Jesus for freeing us from our sin, by giving his life. We are praying for all young people who are alone or afraid that they too might find Jesus. Let him be your rock! He is a safe place where you will find solace. He gave his life for you, he died for you so that you could be free and know that you are loved. Jesus loves you, the young people of St. Matthias love you. Bless you wherever you are, may you take comfort from the Lord.

Submitted by Kate on 22 Mar 2008

my story

It all happened when my four year undergraduate education in Science and Technology came to an abrupt end as i dropped out of college due to alcoholism, tobacco smoking, going after prostitutes and all kinds of lifestyles one can hardly imagine, mismanagement of college funds, indebtedness due to entanglement with all these unhealthy habits.......tried a lot of time to come out of the shackles but always keeps going back but then GOD made a way for me by taking me away into solitude ......where it was only the physical me and GOD the spirit and rededicated me , created me anew each step , each day , bringing in all kinds of messengers at every turn of the way .......I can boldly confess today as this typed words are speaking for themselves that after a decade i am now created anew in my chosen carrier of study and with a GOD fearing attitude in me always in my spirit guiding me in everything I do....so all I can say is GOD can do everything only if we give him the chance of believing that HE IS

Submitted by jesse on 20 Dec 2007

So much wasted time.

I was brought up in the Christian faith, and had an absolute belief in God. As a child I went to church many Sundays, and went to Criccieth's beach mission on my holidays, but the stories, lessons and verses of scripture we heard were always just words to me, nothing more. The complete acceptance and willingness to believe that you have as a child soon left me, and by the time I was 13 I believed in nothing. I was deeply rational and logical, and found it hard to accept anything which I couldn't understand, or which couldn't be explained to my satisfaction. As I grew older, it baffled me that friends and family, who 'otherwise' were intelligent and generally sensible people could possibly believe. I asked them tricky questions, and was never at all satisfied with their answers, but could see that they really believed what they were saying. I came to pity them, for being so desperate to believe in something beyond reality that they had completely fooled even themselves. It was with this attitude I went upstairs to bed on Thursday August 16th. I lay down in bed, and a couple of minutes later was suddenly overcome by a force surging within me entirely outside of anything I had ever experienced before. It's beyond description, but it was like my blood was invigorated, my heart pumping stronger and surer, my lungs pulling in gallons of air - it felt like I was being filled up with pure LIFE, straight from the source. There was no confusion at all in my mind - I couldn't deny that what I had felt came from God. Very recently, in retrospect, I have remembered briefly thinking about Jesus as well, but I was so carried away, or perhaps distracted, that I threw the thought away almost immediately. The next morning, I felt fantastic, and so in love with the world, now that I knew I had someone to thank for it. However, as far as I was concerned, there was still no reason to believe any of the religions. I could not deny that there was a God, He had made me so aware of His presence, but none of them made sense to me- they were all too impossible, too irrational. I kept up in this belief until early in October. Doubt gradually grew within me - not about the experience, which really was beyond any doubt, but about my specific beliefs. Could I really have seen what so many people before me had missed? That there was a God, but that He had no book, He had no organised religion based on Him, He simply existed. Would a God like that really make His presence so clear to me? I don't know that there was a specific thought that the doubt grew from, but something didn't sit right with me. Neither do I really know why my first reaction was to concede that PERHAPS Jesus COULD be the son of the God I knew. Maybe the brief thought of Jesus when I felt the power run through me had made an impact deeper than I acknowledged on a conscious level, I cant say. I also don't really know why I decided to buy a book. I had been recommended CS Lewis's writings on Christianity for some time, and felt compelled to buy one. After much debate, and reading all I could about them, I settled on "The Screwtape Letters". Having now read the other books I was considering, I have no doubt that this is the least directly 'religious', the least confrontational, and very much the most like 'just a story' which I could read and take nothing from. The first 7 times I picked it up, 6 times I turned the page and found that the topic drastically changed direction to the EXACT thought that had been running through my head all day. Not roughly, but EXACTLY. I'm a big reader, and having read hundreds (if not thousands) of books in my life I can say that I have never had such a direct translation of my thoughts on to the page ONCE, let alone time and time again in the same book. This straw broke the camel's back, and as I read I gradually came to accept completely that Jesus was the son of God. My token Christian friend Andy then invited me to come to two churches in one day, November 18th. It's no doubt a strange thing to ask someone who has persecuted your belief for years on end, but he obviously felt compelled to do so, and I eagerly said yes. On the 16th I told my Mum that I was born again - she was the first person I had told, although I thought that everyone MUST know from how different I had been acting. No one had the slightest idea. So, the fateful Sunday came when we went along to Hope City in Sheffield, for my first service as a Christian in over a decade. The church itself was unlike anything I had ever seen. Huge and loud, with slick presentation and pop-rock praise, I was taken aback. In fact, I was slightly uncomfortable- being the painfully middle-class Englishman that I am, to see people getting quite so carried away was slightly embarassing. But not long had we taken our position in the midst of the congregation when I felt a stirring within me. Suddenly, with absolute clarity, I felt that these were truly MY people, I could feel the force of the spirit in all of them around me, and it started to pour into me. It blew me away. For the rest of the praise I was staring at the words on the big screen endlessly wiping tears from my eyes, the words spoke to my very core, and I was filled with a joy I'd never known. The service itself didn't speak to me at all, but I was happily basking in the warm glow of the spirit within me. The feeling mellowed slightly as we went on with our day, and come the evening I was eager for our second service, at Antioch, also in Sheffield. I was unsure what to expect, I knew that I couldn't expect such power every time I walked into a church, but was sure that I was going to enjoy it. You would be hard pushed to find a more different church - a tiny but highly inclusive community, with an endearingly shambolic feel to the proceedings, far from the polished presentation at Hope City. I hadn't known what I was going to feel, but as the praise went on it seemed I was feeling nothing - I felt happy, but almost empty, so different from the powerful joy I had felt earlier. I became worried - it was clear that these people were just as full of the spirit as those I had been with at Hope, could it be that the quality of the presentation had been a large part of the impact? That went against everything I thought I had felt, and it was with trepidation I listened as the service itself started. The entire sermon was devoted to one thing - peace. It was an experience so alien to me that had it not been directly spelled out I could not have grasped it, but it was there that for the first time in my adult life I knew true peace. This has been lengthy enough as it is, and I certainly wouldn't go through all that God taught me about myself and the world the following week, but I feel I have to mention Thursday, the 22nd. Reading Colin Urquhart's "When the Spirit Comes" (a book I recommend, although I strongly disagree with some of his ideas!) before work the thought suddenly came to me that I was holding something back. I was amazed - not only had I considered myself a 'proper' Christian already, but surely the experiences I had been through left it in no doubt. As I sat at work, I had no idea what it could be, but found myself looking over the life I've lived. In my short time on this Earth I've taken such delight in the vices so readily available to us. I've been so eager to stray not only into things which I knew were questionable, but even to those which I had no doubt in my mind were simply evil. There are things that I have done which would amaze everyone who knows me, I have no doubt. I have at times been a truly, truly despicable person, and what almost makes it worse is the veneer of respectability I wove around it all, managing to gain such respect from people despite the ugliness I had brought into my life wherever I could. I had never taken a cold, hard look at my past life since Jesus had entered into me. I had never seen through his eyes all that I had done. As much as I knew I had done wrong, as much as my acts repulsed me, it was infinitely magnified through his perfection. In an instant the words that I had heard so many times as a child, which never made sense to me, which never meant a thing to me came to my mind, "He died for your sins" and it was all so clear. The physical torment he endured, the agony, the brutality of his murder was NOTHING compared to the burden of my sins on him, my ugliness thrust upon his perfect soul as if it were his own, the weight of my every evil, to know he paid the price which is so richly deserved for anyone who could have lived such a life. And in that same instant the pain, the remorse, the enless regret, the secret shames I've carried with me year upon year was lifted completely. I was freed from all that had held me down. It was hard to carry on working after that. So hard in fact, that I left, and read the gospel of Luke on the bus all the way home. It spoke to me in ways I didn't really think possible, it seemed so distant from the book I'd read as a child all those years ago. I could never have realised the dry, ancient book I knew could be so alive. There's a verse that I learnt as a child that stayed with me, through all my time away from God I've always carried it in my heart. "Call to me and I will answer you, I will tell you wonderful and glorious things you know nothing about." Jeremiah, 33 verse 3. When I learnt it, they were just words. I never dreamed quite how much more they could be.

Submitted by Michael on 10 Dec 2007

GOD's wonderful care

i havent got a story only know that GOD has looked after me all my life and is the Best Dad in the world.ive always loved Him and He has always protected my fiath.

Submitted by margaret on 21 Oct 2007

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