God wants you to come close. This is a place for you to declare praise, adoration, worship and your immense thanks to Him for all He's done in your life and for who He is, and all that He's got for you.

Be bold and extravagant in your love for Him.

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Jesus Thank you for big the God who made the sky and who takes a deep interest in the deepths of my life. Woooooooow! you so not like sinful mankind Lord. You are true and real and the King of true beauty. Yopu are true. I lovely you so much. Thank you for metting with me. Please provide so that I can get to the place of healing again. Reconect me in the deep of the deep of the deep of my soul and emotions. You know about the reconectin of our souls when we have been through attatchment issues. You are true and God who make the earth orbit the sun and the God who made massive stars and galazys and tiny flowers and atomes and nano quarks. Lord your so vast who could doubt you exsistance who could not belive in you . But you have understood our human pain you came to be one of us. Sometime I think why did you not come as a woman or as a woman and a man. Lord you are true who can fathome your depths. You are so good I love you. Be praise let love rule Your true love .

Submitted by Fiona on 16 Jun 2009

Be blessed Good God of kindness

Lord I give you praise because you are not like those who speak harsh words ove me and harm me. Lord you speake tenderly to the broken I recive your tender word I reject all that is from a judgemental spirit and I recive you compasion and love . I love you lORD i LOVE YOU lORD THANK YOU FRO GIVEING ME THE COPACITY TO POUR MY HEART OUR TO YOU LORD LIFT UP PROSPERITY OVER ME IN THE SIGHRT of my enemys according to psalm 23. Bless my life according to psalm 72 v6 I love you because their is non like you who show compasion and comfort me in my frustration failur and disapointment. Lord I praise you for bring ing me this far out of depression. I love you for the food you have given me. I love you for standing with me. I love you for giving me green apples chocolate and blue berrys. I love you I love you for my new shows. You are the God who takes away the emptyness. Lord be blessed. I love You Lord .

Submitted by Fiona on 5 Jun 2009

thanks for a miracle of healing

i thank god jesus christ for delkivered and healed my siser from the sick bed of nerve problem to brain and from all infirminties and given her complete health .and made her to get into her mission to serve god .and made our sorrows to joy.i give lots and lots fo praise and thanks.

Submitted by vijay on 3 Jun 2009

friends and those who care

thank you, Lord, for putting people into my life who will listen, pray, hug and speak positives into my life. I am amazed that many of them stick by me, it cant be easy for them to walk with me through it all. Your grace is soooo amazing.

Submitted by C on 20 May 2009

God is amazing

"Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no-one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare." Psalm 40:5

Submitted by Joy on 18 May 2009

many thank to God

dear father, am the least of all but you are taking me places to be able to express you in the place of worship, am thnakful for this. my lord and saviour. i love you and worship you. say a thank to him for me!

Submitted by deborah on 17 May 2009


Please pray for me as I pray myself back into the kingdom The Lord has been good to me but the deceiver has been on my toes and I stopped praying the way I was. I have been praising him this morning from about 10am and its now about 1pm and it feels so good to be back but I want to maintain this relationship with Jesus.

Submitted by mercy on 25 Apr 2009

Thank You

Lord, thank you for the grace you place within people around me to understand with compassion. I thank you for showing me the way when I seem blind within darkness.

Submitted by Alison on 6 Apr 2009

Thank You

Father, I thank you for everything in my life, for the good times, for the challenges that help shape me and teach me. I thank you Lord that you allow me the freewill to do things my own way, even when my way is not the best way. I cannot begin to imagine how you can have the time for sombody as flawed as me, you know that I try Lord, and I will keep trying until I eventually get my life right, to be able to live it consistently, in a way that honours you and shows others how you have changed me. Lord I thank you for giving your son to save ME, there truly is no greater love. Lord use me to serve you and to do your work. In Jesus name Amen

Submitted by Jonny on 24 Mar 2009

Thank you

Lord thank you for your provision. Thank you for your love thank you for the peace yu have gven me today. Thank you for R and V who have helped me. Lord I praise you so much.

Submitted by Fiona on 20 Mar 2009

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