God wants you to come close. This is a place for you to declare praise, adoration, worship and your immense thanks to Him for all He's done in your life and for who He is, and all that He's got for you.

Be bold and extravagant in your love for Him.

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God is Awe-some

Lord, You are good and Your mercy endures forever! King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, Great I Am, Mighty God, Elohim, El Shaddai, Most Excellent Gracious King..You are Worthy of all Praise!!!! I love You and thank You for being who You are!!!

Submitted by Mel on 30 Sep 2010


Lord Thank you so much for the old lady Maria who was found in the village after being lost for 12 hours. Lord people were lookig high and low Lord and she was found thank you so much Lord Thank you so so much for the young people who got off their back sides and found the old lady.

Submitted by Fiona Ginsbury on 2 Sep 2010

gift from a friend

Lord i thank you for CC's gift of a video link to me of Graham Cooke's "Inheritance" which speaks of Your love for me and for all your people. i thank you thAt you pressed it upon CC's heart not once but TWICE, that i needed to see this video. thank you that it came at a time when i so needed to hear it. bless you, Lord, and bless CC. in Your Precious Name, i thank You. AMEN

Submitted by C on 28 Aug 2010

Praise God

Lord I just praise you for bringing my old school friend back to your kingdom. She lead me to you and now she is with you again. Wow Lord you are amazing.

Submitted by Fiona on 21 Aug 2010

Have You Ever Thrown A Fistful of Glitter in The A

Lord it could be said that I dont really deserve Your grace, but I want to thank You for everything you give me. I'm so blessed to have come through what could be seen as a difficult time. The last year has been incredible and I dont recognise my life. Its just amazing how things have changed. Its not just the tangible things; daily Im reminded of your great love for me and those around me. Even though due to illness in the family, my recent redundancy, and daily challenges, life isnt trouble free, Im so grateful for the way in which youve brought me to this place. Im so grateful for my godly fiance, Im so excited about getting married, and I pray that as we live for you, youll bless us. Forgive us for not always doing what you want us. We love each other and You so much. As we travel from the old to the new, keep us travelling along with you. This is the biggest leap I will ever take, life will change so much, but it will be amazing. I pray we will always trust in you and live for you. Thankyou for everything.

Submitted by Summer on 17 Aug 2010

I praise you Lord

Thank you Lord for taking me out of the pit of depression and setting me free! I pray that YOU help me get to know myself again.

Submitted by Devon on 17 Aug 2010

mather and Mary

Ha if only I could be like Graham Cook pray for four months of the year and the rest "minister" ie work. We are all called to that. Lord I find I can minister too you best when I am relaxed and happy please can I have true lasting substantial rest and freedom from axiouty . O love you jesuse Jesus.

Submitted by Fiona on 23 Jun 2010

We race around in life trying to get things done.. we race around like Daffy duck you know in the cartoons! we forget to take time out with you People suffere with so many problems ans issues that need to be dealt with ..deadlines to be met but I think if peolpe slowed down the rise in panic attacks would lower we are all human after all but you Lord say come unto to me who are heavy thy laden..I shall give you rest! maybe everyone should take days off at a time to recharge their Batteries so to speak anyway God in everything you come First! Angelic

Submitted by Angelic on 10 Jun 2010

Dear God, I confess that I have done wrong. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ, took the punishment I deserve by dying on the Cross. I also believe that you raised him from the dead. Thank you. I now receive Jesus as my Saviour and Lord

Submitted by Holly on 8 Jun 2010


when i lift up my eyes i see only you.you are my only father,mother,familly and helper on this earth.i have no nobdy left on earth except you.No other person could be as close to me as you are. you are my ever present help.you love me without condition.am dead without you.thank you for you are the reason why i live

Submitted by alfred on 28 May 2010

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