God wants you to come close. This is a place for you to declare praise, adoration, worship and your immense thanks to Him for all He's done in your life and for who He is, and all that He's got for you.

Be bold and extravagant in your love for Him.

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God you are awesome

You are AWESOME God. thanks for picking me up out of the mud and mire, especially recently. thank you that i am learning that You will never leave nor abandon me. You are AWESOME! XXX Carmen xxx

Submitted by C on 17 Oct 2012

Thanks for being there

Father in Heaven Just want to thank you for being in my life. You know the hurt I have caused and the status of my life as I write. Please allow me to dedicate this prayer to you in my acknowledgment of being your humble servant in Christ. I ask in Jesus name that you will help me to find your purpose for me and serve others as I would like to be served myself. You are an awesome God Amen

Submitted by Snooky on 27 Sep 2012


Father in Heaven I give thanks for the work that You are doing in my life. You know the difficulties I have faced this year, some of which I do not understand why they happened. I thank you that You have given me the Grace to continue to acknowledge your presence in my life and for forgiving my sins. I pray that You will continue to work in me, no matter how painful that may be, I know that all Your works will deliver the best in me. Amen

Submitted by snooky on 23 Sep 2012

You never fail

Thank you so much Lord for new life through your son, who loved us enough not only to die for us but to take on our punishment and the pain & desertion we deserved since we fell. Thank you for showing us tiny glimpses of your greatness, glimpses we can handle in our human-ness and that we can rejoice in. Thank you for being the truth when the world tells us there is no truth. Thank you for welcoming me back even when I have kept running away & being half-hearted and trying to hide my sin & shame from you. Thank you for your amazing church, your bride, who greeted me in love as if I'd never been away. Thank you for your discipline which feels unpleasant & is easy to try to avoid, but is what we should rejoice in and heed, even though the effort is painful. You know us all by name, every weakness as well as every strength. Your loving care is so beautifully taught to us through your word.

Submitted by Emma on 20 Sep 2012


I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me my heart's desire to teach a class;also for a new job. I thank The Lord for enabling me to improve my computer skills and providing training and i will learn quickly. Yes i was limiting myself; but praise God He is advancing me. To God be the glory. d

Submitted by denise on 22 Aug 2012


I have been out of work for 2 years.Praise the Lord i now have a part time job working 2 days a week.Praise the Lord for another answer to prayer we were able to pay for rent.

Submitted by Laryssa on 11 Aug 2012

Thank you for taking my pain and disapointmen

Thank you King of Kings and Lord of Lord!

Submitted by P on 11 Apr 2012


thank you that you took my sins for me and that I AM FORGIVEN!!!!!!!!!! : )

Submitted by c on 21 Feb 2012

Daddy I love you, with all that I am. I love you with everything I have within me. With my heart, my soul, my life … all that I am I want to surrender to you Daddy. I want to give it all to you. All my hope, all my dreams, all my ambition, all the things I dare to think might or might not happen in the next years of my life. I surrender everything I am to you. Have your will in my life God. May my life be a pleasing offering to you. May my life be a life full of praise and worship to you, lifting high and exalting your name. May people see in me your presence. May they sense your amazing love through the life I live God. Give me strength God, to stand strong, and not be shaken by the enemy. Give me the boldness to rise and shine for you, to move forwards with fervour and passion. I want to be in your presence forever more; I want to set my gaze on you Lord. I want to set my eyes upon you Father, and dwell in your Spirit. I want to stretch out my hands to your heavens, where you are seated on your throne. You are Love. You are compassion. You are peace. You are beauty. You are mercy. You are grace. Deepen my love for you God, deepen my understanding of you. Set on my lips words to worship you, in all situations. In all trials. In all joys. I want to live my life with you God, looking to you all the time … you are faithful, and you have always been so so faithful to me. You are and will be faithful to me the end, so may I always always be faithful to you to the end too. Amen.

Submitted by Shine on 18 Feb 2012

Jesus you are beautiful. Beautiful beyond all description. There are no words to fully and adequately express how stunningly beautiful you are. How beautiful is the sound of your voice. So beautiful are the eyes you gaze at us with. So beautiful are the hands you use to mold us into your image. There is no one like you and your beautifulness in all this earth and the heavens. It is just you and your radiating glory. You overwhelm my heart God with your kindness, mercy and grace. There is no one else like you. You are the Father of all Fathers. Father of the fatherless. Father of the lost. The only Father there truly is. Father of the used and abused. Father of the outcasts. Father of the addict. Father of all your children whoever they are and whatever they do. Thankyou for your all forgiving and unconditional accepting love for us. For your sons and daughters. For me. Thankyou for seeking me out Father and staying on my case. Thankyou for plucking me out of the pit of darkness and of Satans grips ... Thankyou for fighting for me. Knowing I am your daughter, a daughter of such an amazing great King is often so overwhelming but keep working in my heart God! You have done so much Daddy God and I lift my eyes up to you in praise and adoration of that but I seek more of you God, I seek to know more of you in my life God. I seek to be faithful to you God and to be a strong warrior for you and your Holy beautiful name. Keep doing a new thing in my heart God. For you can do all things. Wonderful and beautiful Saviour. I love you.

Submitted by Shine on 2 Jan 2012

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