God wants you to come close. This is a place for you to declare praise, adoration, worship and your immense thanks to Him for all He's done in your life and for who He is, and all that He's got for you.

Be bold and extravagant in your love for Him.

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Father I want to ask you to manifest Thyself to me as your presence for the kids Thank you God for everything you have done I recognize that you are God worshipping your Name Your Holy and Blessed Name May your Love shine in my Life as i intercede for the Children...They need You FOR they truly are the Apple of your Eyes! Let us have courage God as we continue to worship your Name 'cause you Have the Name above All Names And you are the Holy One God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the God that loves Israêl May your concern be manifested to us as we strive to Go On with Your Presence Thanks Again for Every-thing your are doing as I bring before you the Children May your Holiness purify our Hearts As In Jesus we Continue Amen

Submitted by Francis on 1 Mar 2014


Father, Glory to you, our Father. I was enslaved by a sin that was stronger then I, but in my darkest hour, you broke my chains and set me free in Jesus. Glory to you my Father, for now and forever. In the glorious name of Jesus Amen

Submitted by P on 10 Dec 2013


I praise and thank you for the insight you gave me. The word Allelujah is in two parts The jewish word Hallel means to Praise and the word Jah is part of the Gods covenant name Yahweh. How good it is to praise you and saY ALLELUJAH - PRAISE THE LORD.

Submitted by Marjorie on 26 Sep 2013


You alone, Lord, keep me perfectly safe. You are at my right hand and you watch over me. Where else can I go for help- you never fail and you are never asleep. You never forsake me. Thanks for living in me- just being there wherever I am-you in me and me in you- no matter how much I've messed up again today, 'cus your sacrifice covers ALL that- once for all, until the end of time- what an amazing game plan- a mystery- you're awesome and so are your ways! Luv you, Dad!

Submitted by Jane on 25 Jun 2013

Thanks for being there

Father, thank You for Marjorie and her amazing testimony.....Your grace is enough! Amen

Submitted by snooky on 15 Apr 2013

Praise and thanksgiving

I went to see the specialist who is treating me for Parkinsons and said the stability of my illness was good and there had been no serious deteriation. I believe that you heard my prayers and the prayers of others when I was diagnosed five years ago and held your hand up against its progression. I praise you and thank you with al my heart for the love and healing in my life. last year you healed me from cancer. You are a wonderful God and worthy of all thanks and praise, Your love is everlasting. Allelujah

Submitted by Marjorie on 4 Apr 2013

Prayer of Thankgiving

Father God I praise you for the loving God you are and you care for each one of us.I praise and thank you for walking with me when I was dianosed with cancer,Every day you gave me love and encouragement and confirmation that I would be healed. You are a wonderful God and I praise you, thank you, worship you with all my heart. Thank you does not seem enough but remember the words of a hymn If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb If I was a wise man I would do my part but what can I give you but my heart. Alleluiah

Submitted by Marjorie on 14 Feb 2013

Living Word

Heavenly Father, You never disappoint, You saw my heart and gave me the words I need to hear in church tonite. You ARE unfailing in Your compassions. Amen

Submitted by Neil on 6 Jan 2013


YHWH I love and praise Your Holy Name. I thank you for Your Yahshua. I thank you for this day that You have made. I thank you for forgiving me of my transgressions. I thank you for Your faithfulness. I thank you for Your mercy and Your grace. I thank you for Your loving-kindness. You and You alone are the Elohim/God of the Universe. There is none besides You. Thank you for the blood of the covenant. I thank you for Your Word. I thank you that we have forgiveness with You that You may be respected. I love You and need You. You are awesome. Your glory is declared in the heavens. If we would only open our eyes to see it. The heavenly angels declare Your glory. Let all creation declare Your glory. I love You because You have heard my prayer and supplications. Because You have inclined Your ear to me I am saved. I will sing Your praise among the nations. Let Our Elohim/God reign!

Submitted by Letitia on 4 Dec 2012

Love of God

Jesus is Here May the Lord God be blessed from generation to generation as we worship His Name Always Yes He as the Lord is worthy of all praise May is love be manifested throughout this world As vessels We share His message and His love Yes Lord Jesus For you are worthy May all Heaven with all Angels and May all earth with it's Inhabitants Worship the Name of Jesus Name above all Name Intrusted us you Did To share you to a needy and dying world Please Forgive us our sins And make us ready for your Name Sake Amen

Submitted by Francis on 2 Dec 2012

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