God wants you to come close. This is a place for you to declare praise, adoration, worship and your immense thanks to Him for all He's done in your life and for who He is, and all that He's got for you.

Be bold and extravagant in your love for Him.

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thnak you Lord

I give thanks for the Woo. Lord I thank you for my relationship with The Woo. I put it in you hands Holy spirit. Sweet Jesus. I need thinks shifting . please have mercie and protect this special bond. Lord I place the secrets of my heart in your hands. My thoughts and Woos thoughts. Lord all needs you met some how. Lord please bring a partner for Woo. Surely you want to?

Submitted by Fiona on 17 May 2010

poem of praise thanks and prayer

Giggling light, inferred and so bright. Blood light. Leading me trough prayer and praise to the other side of my emotions. Over the explosions, the broken bounderies, the war torn heart. With holding validation? Thats not you way mighty God not you way to fob. You send validation, no trepidation, with out ungodly expectation. Pouring it on like treackle. It is leagal. Oh praise Him Oh praise HIM. i WANT TO GIVE hIM BETTER, can I not be His debtor?:-) Making excuses for their abuses, ahalation. Too much verberto ? I am free free free free. To let my spirit hang lose like a real long neck goose. To act real funny and spend my money. On God Who elles But God. I give NOD TO gOD. SO i CA PLOD. ON STEADFASTLY and say not my waybut your way today. My way just does not pay it does not bring day.

Submitted by Fiona on 17 May 2010

Job back

Thank you so much for givingmy Dad his job back and for putting him and his girlfriend back together Praise God !

Submitted by Fiona on 5 May 2010

Husband One

Husband God. I miss you. You know me . I think about how Jack Pullinger talks of you. Oh and how you always want to talk about how in love with her you are. Lord your not into talking ministary. Thats what I like about you. I am stuffed to pucking point with "church ie churchie" I just want to gagg over church nasty stuff. Just do what you did for me in spring 2008 co's I can not go on. Prayer cover. Now unlosk me you hold the key to my heart. i GOT A BIT DRUCK TO RELAX i CAN'T COPE WITH THE LACK OF PEACE. oh lord there is not church to dance unto you and no place to be free in worship. Oh Lord . I I could drive I would go if I could pay the train fair and the bus fair I would go. How do I find enough strength to dance the flamenco dancers tang to yo. What is the point of living when I can not be free to worship you. Take me away from all this take me away. I have been wounder in a friends house. too long I have laboured too long why do you waite so Why . stop my agonie met me on my bed.

Submitted by Fiona on 27 Apr 2010

Greetings Dad

Heavenly loving Father thats how I ..yes me ..I know you now after a heavy going attitudes concernig christian faith .you would of thought it put me off.... but I still got my faith in you God my Nerves are shattered like a train wreck there was no need to get heavy ... cos you are love and light... as Im now being told.... by many various christians......... can"t go to the Holy Land..but hey you can hear us and are near us anywhere.. it was"nt enough I became a christian at 9 or got Baptised at 12 years old... being pushed that bit more and more and more.... I been through Bereavements Lord ... My life was crushed in 1991.... and through your love and light after my spiritual awakening I got close to you as i really got to know you for myself not others that put the fear of you in me.. Lord ..you know me very well and everything I been through.. the people i miss so much... rebuild me lord... my strength in my faith Lord I see you amen Tracy xx

Submitted by Tracy on 14 Apr 2010


Father, thank you for listening, even though I dont always do the same. Thank you for encouraging me through others. Thank you for giving us hope. Thank you for all your gifts, and help me to decide my future and not to be selfish. Keep us all safe as we travel away next week, and be with those we leave behind. Blessed be the name of the Lord - Amen.

Submitted by Martin on 5 Apr 2010

my family

Thank you Lord for healing the relationships in my family, particularly those with my father and sister. You are good, and even as i am still hurting, i can see what You have done thus far. Love, Your Daughter, Carmen

Submitted by C on 27 Mar 2010

Answers to Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for answering our prayers. We asked for patience and wisdom to deal with family difficulties, you were there. Please continue to guide us and help us to put you at the centre of our lives, for ever - Amen.

Submitted by Mart on 23 Mar 2010

dear Lord, my deepest thanks and praise to you oh Lord for changing my ways, guiding me in the right deirection, for my salvation and my newness of life. Your everything to me, you make my world bearable, you pick me up when i'm down and comfort me when im lonely. With you, i shall never be alone. Your presence fills my heart with every beat. Lord, please show the world your love for them and bring a closeness between you and the so many that are lost out there. Thankyou Lord, Thankyou so so much x x x

Submitted by Jason on 7 Mar 2010

Thank you

Thank you that I got my paper work sorted thank you that you have givn me a cute guy friend thank you for my new car thank you for my driving licence thank you for the fun time with my sister at the cinamar thank you for the cake my Mum made me thank you for Leo thank you for Tiff thank you for Shil and Karmen and Mary and the funn tme we are having. Thank you for hot chocolat and my friend Grace and wonderful prayer times on the phone and crazy text messages and bounderies that are ignored and needs that are ignored. and Sue who is good at the bbi and church and mucsic and Byoncay Hayle and my dinner invertation and Cissy and Christina and A O and H and so much more.

Submitted by Fiona on 5 Mar 2010

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