God wants you to come close. This is a place for you to declare praise, adoration, worship and your immense thanks to Him for all He's done in your life and for who He is, and all that He's got for you.

Be bold and extravagant in your love for Him.

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Daddies Wedding

Dear King Jesus! Look what you have done. My Daddy is now wanted and he is all carm and secure because you have given him a wife to help and he is given to her to help. Look at the gift you have done Lord!!!!!! 'Mazzzzzing God give me prase that blisses you . lET US bLISS YOU WITH THE GLOY YOU GIVE TO GIVE TO YOU. your the only nice person!!! God has been so very good so very very good!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I say !!!!!!!

Submitted by Fiona on 13 Apr 2011

Dadss wedding

Lord I praise you so very very much for bringing Daddy and Christine together. Lord All I want to say is thank you please bring praise out of me that pleases you!

Submitted by Fiona on 18 Mar 2011

thank you thank you

God thank you thank you thank you for celibtration and peace and love and care you are good you are careful and I want you God. when my heart bleeds then I am to be taken care of by you. All my wounds shine with Gods glory !

Submitted by psalm 98 soul on 17 Feb 2011

Thank you so much Lord

Psalm 21 and Psalm 68 so real and wow . Love Jub church. Thank u. I cryed with Happynessssss. really i feel in love with a church never in a tempoary felt that could happen after what I had been though.

Submitted by Fiona on 8 Feb 2011


Dear Lord, It is true to say that we have had some difficult months, and times where we tested each other but you have been unwavering and helped me through. I never doubted you, but I wasnt close to you. I now have some dilemmas to face again with my work, and the possibility that this may soon end. I know you are shaping my plans, and will be there right beside me. Thank you for this amazing friendship, one which I feel I dont deserve, but am starting to see how you are central to our lives. Praise your name Amen

Submitted by Martin on 23 Jan 2011

thank you

thank you god for helping me with my deppression i was deppressed for a long time i was in so much pain but now you are taliking my pain away and im getting better you are with me all the time and you never leave my side

Submitted by jakki on 4 Jan 2011

Much praise and thangs giving.

I was so low I thought my breack through would never come and now it is here. My mind is catching up with its self . So many set back. But God your true to your word. Thisgs must move fast now Lord as I have had much time robed from me. Mercie mercie

Submitted by Dav on 22 Dec 2010

thank you

im really grateful that you have loved me in my sinfulness. You have not judged me like man. u have provided when i asked. u comforted me in my lowest moments. even when ma prayers were not answered immediately, i was confident that you had good reason. oh God i just want u to know tht i love you so much and that even when the storms come again, i shall stand firm in you coz i have learnt to trust you. Glory be to your name.

Submitted by KEITH on 23 Nov 2010


thank you Lord for helping L find some work and that his aunt is supporting him. Amen

Submitted by c on 17 Nov 2010

thank you Lord Jesus

Thank you for the cooker you have provided for me it is amazing you have been so good to me.

Submitted by Tilly on 28 Oct 2010

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