Local leader and minister, Will Porter, who runs the Beacon House of Prayer has written a book all about the end times and the question are we living in the end times.

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Jon: I just remembered a scripture in the bible, in the Old Testament in a book called Daniel. He was prophetic and was able to look towards the end times and God showed him things in the end times. He said the people who know their God will stand firm. They'll prove themselves strong and do exploits for God. I guess that's perhaps the opportunity to find that alignment, to actually know God and out of that you find that resource and that strength to be able to stand. If there are people listening who think I want some of that. How do I find that security, that solidity, that surety in my life and a hope to be able to live my life whatever may come my way? How do they connect with Jesus?

Will: In a really simple way. Jesus talked about the door to our spirit, to our heart that is a door that only we can open to God. He is longing to love us, communicate with us, fulfil our lives, fill that hole in the middle of us but it only happens when we open the door and say Jesus, I need you. Spiritually, Jesus changing your life is only a prayer away.

Sometimes it's a prayer of confession that says Lord, where I've messed up, where things haven't gone right, forgive me. It's saying God, can you come and help me. And even when I'm not sure I will choose to believe in you and step out in faith and say Jesus can you make a difference in my life. So many people's lives have been changed by people going right on an edge and saying Jesus, I don't even know you're there but I'm going to ask in faith, please change my life. So many of my friends and myself would say that is the step that opens a whole new world to you.

Jon: I'd like to end by asking you there could be somebody who says I want to say some sort of prayer like that but I'm not exactly sure what to say and how to say it, would you help me Will? Would you be able to lead somebody in a prayer?

Will: Yes, I would. If that's you, just pray this with me now.

Lord Jesus, you know my life and you know my future, you know my worries and my hopes and my dreams. I need you Lord and I open my life to you, I open the door of my heart to you and I say please come in and change me. There are things in my life that have been wrong, please sort them out. If there's purpose I need in my life, and direction, please give me that. I step out in faith and say would you come and make the biggest difference in my life, set me on a new path, open a whole new world to me. I ask that in faith, in your name. Amen.

Jon: Amen. Thank you, Will. I never asked you what the Forerunner Cry meant; I'll ask you on another show. Will's book The Forerunner Cry is out now. You can get it online, at Amazon. CR

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