Jonathan Bellamy spoke with Michael Marcel about past revivals in the UK, why we haven't seen a revival in recent history, and what he believes we need to happen to see revival again.

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Jonathan: From where things were 25 years ago, to where the Church in the UK is today, and the way society and culture is in the UK, where do you think we're at? How would you describe it?

Michael: I am very encouraged, because when I started writing my books about 20 years ago, my first one was about hierarchical Church and how I disagree with it. In those days it was all about serving the pastor and serving the church, when it should have been all about the pastor and the church serving the people and helping them do everything they can, to go out into the market place and take Jesus to the people.

That has changed significantly over the last 10 or 15 years. Pastors never used to preach about the priesthood of all believers, which is absolutely crucial teaching from the Bible. And they do now. Most churches will believe that and teach that. I have seen a huge change come over the Church in that period, so I'm encouraged by that.

Jonathan: In modern times, here in the UK particularly, and in the West, I know ever since I've been a Christian we talk about Jean Darnall's word of seeing fires breaking out in the UK. There's been that sense of anticipation for a move of God coming to the UK. Jean Darnall has recently passed away and there's almost the sense of an end of an era.

Michael: I didn't know that. I was hoping to go and see her once more before she died. I'm very sad to hear that.

The last time she was here, I was going to Scotland to pray around Scotland and do my wells thing. I'd heard the night before I was going that she was going to be in Newcastle, or Sunderland, so I did everything I could to find out where she was. I got hold of this guy who I'd met 20 years before, and he said I'll make sure you'll meet her.

I was in Aberdeen and I always have a map with me and put dots where all the wells are. I came down and went to see her and showed her this map and she said that's exactly what I'd seen, all these fires coming together and forming one, and then coming down from Scotland through into England.

After that, I went to a family in the north of Scotland, and they said when they heard what I was doing they said, "You've got to hear about this prophecy from Jean Darnall." Even though that prophecy was from 20 years earlier it was as alive today to those people as if it had been given yesterday. People remember that prophecy.

Jonathan: So in some ways there's a connection between what she saw with all those points across the country, and the three thousand odd wells that you've already identified. When you're at those wells you pray, don't you? What do you pray for?

Michael: Because I'm visiting 20 a day, and there are many miles in between them, I don't have time to sit and wait on the Lord.

I get out of the car, I claim the land for God, I declare the well open and then I'm off to the next one. I pray in tongues all the way to the well, but I can't say I have any spiritual experiences at the wells. I've been to 1,500; it takes a bit of time just driving there.

Jonathan: What is in your heart, what do you believe about revival in our nation?

Michael: I think God's a bit late. I've been expecting revival for the last five years. So I am a little disappointed that it hasn't come.

I believe strongly that it was not God's intention that for a hundred years we have not had revival. I think God has on several occasions offered us revival and we have not accepted it.