Jonathan Bellamy spoke with Michael Marcel about past revivals in the UK, why we haven't seen a revival in recent history, and what he believes we need to happen to see revival again.

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Toronto in 1994 and beyond should have turned into a revival, but pastors tended to go and visit there and say well, we've done that now, let's move on to the next thing. I'm generalising, but that's what I heard most of the time.

About 18 months ago, at Capstone Church in Ilford, there was a move of God and I really thought this is it. I was there most nights. It took two hours to get there on the M25. Only about 100 people per night turned up to this; probably about 1,000 were watching online. But there was no hunger.

I would say to people "You must come," and they would say, "Oh, it's Ilford, it's so difficult to get to."

Until the Church has the hunger, I don't think we'll enter into a new revival. I think there is a soporific spirit over the Church and it needs to wake up, then I think revival will come.

Jonathan: Finally, I want to ask you about a new series of videos you produced recently called Forgotten Heroes.

Michael: I was in Scotland about four years ago and an American prophet picked me out of the congregation and said, "You've got to do vignettes for young people."

I had to look up what a vignette was. I put it to bed for about three years then somebody else prophesied that I needed to do it, and then somebody else called me up on a platform and said you've been given a golden key for media for young people. You've got to do revival videos. Then a fourth time.

God normally has to knock on my head a few times before I respond. I did respond, so that is what they came out of, these four prophetic words.

Jonathan: Who have you covered in these videos?

Michael: I've filmed about 20, but only six have been edited so far.

Most of them you may have heard of, but they are generally forgotten heroes. John Wycliffe, John Knox, George Fox, the founder of the Quakers, John Bunyan who wrote Pilgrim's Progress, William Haslam, an amazing revivalist in the 1850s. And Thomas Bilney who was known as the father of the Reformation. He was one of the first martyrs around 1530.

Jonathan: The word to you was you've got to do these for young people. What do you think it is about the lives of these forgotten heroes that as you look into them, that you think God wants to draw out for a younger generation to capture?

Michael: When I was first saved, I started to read biographies of great heroes like Wesley and Whitfield. They so inspired me and drove me on. I would love the same thing to happen to young people from seeing these lives.

Most of them are absolutely ordinary people who have done extraordinary things through loving God and spending time with Him, and being used by Him.

In each of these videos I try to bring out some aspect of their lives, which will inspire the people watching and hopefully the people who watch will be so inspired that they will want to emulate these lives.

Jonathan: If people want to see a map of all those wells and also the videos Forgotten Heroes they can find it all at CR

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