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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Last year was the worst year since records began for the number of children killed or injured in armed conflict, the United Nations has revealed: 12,000 children were maimed or killed in 20 different conflicts around the world.
Disasters/WarChurch Times, 16 August 2019
More than 2.6 million people are currently internally displaced in Somalia, owing to floods, conflict, and a cyclone. In May, heavy rains caused deadly floods across East Africa (News, 25 May). A tropical cyclone, Sagar, was the trigger for the torrential rains.
Disasters/WarChurch Times - 22 June 2018
Almost 7,000 people belonging to the largely Christian minority group in Kachin, northern Myanmar, have fled their houses since fighting between the army and a rebel group flared up in early April, according to recent figures from the Red Cross.
Disasters/WarEvangelical now – July 2018
People in the battle-scarred Southern Philippines city of Marawi are trying to rebuild their homes and lives one year after the place was stormed by Islamist militants. In May 2017, militants belonging to the Maute group, an affiliate of Islamic State, took over Marawi. In the following five months of fighting between the militants and government forces, 40% of the city was destroyed and 98% of the population displaced.
Disasters/WarEvangelicals Now - July 2018
From opening church doors to providing food and shelter, Kenyan churches are offering an initial response to the nation’s growing flood crisis. At least 260,000 people have been displaced, according to the Kenya Red Cross Society and at least 112 people have died in 12 out of the country’s 47 counties.
Disasters/WarLife and Work - July 2018.
Boko Haram has killed well over 20,000 people according to the 2016 UN records. '14.8 million Nigerians from Northeast are directly impacted by the crisis. Officially there are 2.2 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)’, a report says, but unofficial records put the figure at around 7 million. 14 million people in the region have been impacted by the radical Islamic terror group’s insurgency.
Disasters/WarEvangelicalsNow - June 2018
Military crackdowns and escalating human-rights abuses in Myanmar last August forced about one million Rohingya people to abandon their homes and cross the border into Bangladesh. Most of this group reside in camps in the city of Cox’s Bazar – the largest refugee settlement in the world.
Disasters/WarChurch Times – 4th May 2018
Before the outbreak of the conflict, an estimated 97 per cent of primary- age children, and 67 per cent of secondary-age children, in Syria were attending school, and literacy rates were higher than 90 per cent. Within Syria today, 36 per cent of school-age children – 2.1 million – are out of school.
Disasters/WarChurch Times – 4th May 2018
Children who have escaped the war in Syria face further trauma at school, a report by World Vision suggests. For the report, Beyond Survival, 400 displaced children in southern Syria were asked about their new lives away from home. Almost seven out of ten reported psychologically damaging experiences of physical and verbal abuse, and aggression at school. The survey found that children were struggling with poverty, malnutrition, displacement, and over-crowded housing, and bullying at school.
Disasters/WarChurch Times - 29 March 2018
Millions more people this year are facing severe hunger caused by new and worsening conflicts, a study that measures levels of food insecurity and cases of malnutrition around the world has found. Last year, 124 million people in 51 countries faced crisis levels of hunger, compared with 108 million people in 48 countries in 2016, and 80 million in 2015, the Global Report of Food Crises by the Food Security Information Network (FSIN) says.
Disasters/WarChurch Times – 29 March 2018
60% of South Sudanese child refugees need therapy for conflict-related trauma (World Vision).
Disasters/WarPremier Youth and Children’s Work - October 2017
Research reported in late February found that most of those who join jihadist groups are converts to Islam. In Germany, one in every 6,000 Muslims has travelled to join jihadist groups, but among converts to Islam it’s one in every 750. In the USA, 40% of arrests in 2015 for links with IS were converts to Islam.
Disasters/WarEvangelicals Now – April 2016
The European Parliament has declared the violent campaign by the so called Islamic State against Christians and other religious minorities to be genocide. ‘Daesh commits genocide’, according to the resolution passed 4 February by a show of hands from representatives of the 28 nations.
Disasters/WarEvangelicals Now - March 2016
Campaign Against Arms Trade has welcomed the European Parliament's vote to support an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia. The amendment was passed by 359 votes to 212, with 31 abstentions.
Disasters/WarEkklesia Daily Bulletin - 29th February 2016
Unless the needs and rights of the more than eight million Syrian children are addressed, an entire generation will be lost, along with decades of development progress, UNICEF warns in a new report that calls on the international community to protect the youngest civilians amidst "a children's crisis."
Disasters/WarEkklesia Weekly Digest - 17th March 2016
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