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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
The record level of self-harm behind bars is a "hidden crises" in which numbers are continuing to soar "unabated", campaigners have said.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 31st January 2020
The number of mortgages approved by high street banks jumped up to the highest annual total in a decade last year amid signs the housing market is picking up.
HousingThe Sentinel, 28th January 2020
Girls are more than twice as likely to take a foreign language GCSE and get a good grade than boys, a new report has said.
EducationThe Sentinel, 27th January 2020
More than one in 19 deaths in UK towns and cities is linked to air pollution - and the figures are much worse for people living in the south, according to Centre for Cities charity.
EnvironmentThe Sentinel, 27th January 2020
Knife crime in England and Wales hit a record high in the year to September, up by 7% on the previous 12 months. Police recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument rose to 44,771, according to Office for National Statistics figures.
CrimeThe Sentinel, 24th January 2020
Scientists believe they have come up with a formula for the perfect cup pf coffee - it needs fewer beans which are ground more coarsely.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 23rd January 2020
More than a million current account customers across the UK ditched and switched provider in 2019, figures show. Some 1,002,029 switches took place last year using the Current Account Switch Service - the highest total since 1,010,423 in 2016.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 23rd January 2020
Around 57,000 retail jobs were lost last year amid the ongoing transformation of the industry, coupled with other issues including Brexit and the general election, according to a new report.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 23rd January 2020
Girls in the modern-day UK feel unsafe in public, held back by sexism in school and that boys are treated better than they are, according to a study. Their opinions on issues like Brexit are not heard and overall they feel "fed up and frustrated" with empty messages of female empowerment.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 20th January 2020
Almost a quarter of all new UK food products launched last year were labelled vegan, while nearly two-thirds of Britons chose to eat meat substitutes, figures show.
Food and DrinkThe Sentinel, 17th January 2020
Being wealthy can add eight to nine years to a healthy lifespan, research suggests. A new study found that those who are the richest live many more years free from disability than those who are poorest.
HealthThe Sentinel, 15th January 2020
House prices increased more than five times as fast in the 1980s as they have done over the past decade, analysis has found.
HousingThe Sentinel , 8th January 2020
Almost 900 'excess deaths' are thought to have occurred during the UK heatwaves of summer 2019 official data shows. There were an estimated 892 excess deaths in the over 65s over summer last year, Public Health England said.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel , 8th January 2020
New car sales sunk to a six year low in 2019 due to low consumer confidence and uncertainty over the treatment of diesel of vehicle, the automotive industry has said.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel , 7th January 2020
Almost half of care workers say their care home has a bar or place where residents can drink alcohol according to a poll.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel , 6th January 2020
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