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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Scientists believe they have come up with a formula for the perfect cup pf coffee - it needs fewer beans which are ground more coarsely.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 23rd January 2020
New car sales sunk to a six year low in 2019 due to low consumer confidence and uncertainty over the treatment of diesel of vehicle, the automotive industry has said.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel , 7th January 2020
One in four drone users risks being fined £1,000 for not joining an online register, new figures show. Anyone who owns a drone weighing more than 250g must obtain an operator ID before their gadget is flown outdoors. Operators are also required to get a separate flyer ID by passing a theory test.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 26th December 2019
Taking selfies is more popular than ever, with the average person in the UK now snapping more than 450 such photos each year, according to research. A survey by Chinese smartphone firm Honor found that 85% of people believe they are taking more pictures of themselves than ever before, with men taking more than women.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 19th December 2019
Drinking tea more than three times a week could be linked with a longer and healthier life, scientists say. According to new research "habitual" consumption of the drink is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause death.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 10th January 2020
Considerably more (45 per cent) of 16 to 34s consider suicide to be acceptable, compared to 29 per cent of the over 55s. In contrast, younger adults are more like to adopt attitudes supportive of immigration. Interestingly, the highest proportion of people who believe they have significant responsibility to protect the planet is the over 55s - this group are more likely to reject fast fashion and single-use plastic - while young people are more likely to be vegetarian or vegan.
Odd FactsYouth and Children's Work, January 2020
"Please take a seat" may stop being the greeting of choice at GP surgeries, as a study will look at rolling out standing appointments.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 24th October
More than two-thirds of adults have not written a will, do not know they can plan where they die and have not discussed their future death with a loved one, according to a survey.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 31st July
Three out of 10 (30 per cent) crashes on motorways and major A-roads involving a drowsy driver result in at least one fatality or serious injury, according to new research. Only accidents featuring drugged drivers or drivers using a mobile phone are more likely to cause a death or serious injury, the AA Charitable Trust said.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 1st July 2019
Supervised tests of a potential autonomous car service built by a UK-based artificial intelligence firm have begun in two London boroughs. FiveAI has started testing five self-driving cars in Bromley and Croydon in its latest effort to roll out an autonomous, car-sharing service in London.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 2 April 2019
Average broadband speeds received by UK households have risen by almost 20% in the past year, Ofcom has reported.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 9 May 2019
Demand for new cars fell 4.1% last month, the automotive industry has said. Some 161,000 new cars were registered last month compared with 168,000 during April 2018, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel, 8 May 2019
People who are married or in a civil partnership are more likely to be satisfied with their life than single people, a new report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggests.
Odd FactsChurch Times, 7 June 2019
Free bus passes are linked to increased happiness for older people, according to a new study. People who get concessionary travel are more likely to enjoy a better quality of life, have greater life satisfaction and fewer symptoms of depression than those who do not, research has found.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel - 2 May 2019
The United Kingdom is one of the happiest countries in the world and is getting more cheerful, the annual United Nations investigation into contentedness has suggested.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel
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