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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Around 57,000 retail jobs were lost last year amid the ongoing transformation of the industry, coupled with other issues including Brexit and the general election, according to a new report.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 23rd January 2020
UK unemployment dropped to its lowest level in 44 years in the three months to October 2019, as the number of unemployed women hit a record low. However, the reduction in unemployment came as wage growth stalled over the period and the number of job vacancies also shrank.

Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 18th December 2019
The number of strikes increased "sharply" last year, as a growing number of workers protest over zero-hour contracts, new research suggests. Commercial law firm EMW said the number of strikes in the public and private sectors increased by almost half.
Work/EmploymentThen Sentinel, 9th December
One in four teachers work around 60 hours a week, with many working into the evening, despite ministers pledging to reduce their workload, a study suggests.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 18th September
Around one in 20 workers do not receive any paid holidays, and one in 10 does not get a payslip, according to a think-tank. The Resolution Foundation said its study highlights the scale of unlawful working practices across the UK.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 16th September
The rate of employment in the UK has hit a record high as workers' wages continue to surge higher, according to new figures.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 11th September
Around one in four workers do not feel confident about their job security in the next six months, according to new research.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 16th August
A four-day working week could save businesses more than £100bn a year, a study suggests. Henley Business School said its research indicated that a shorter working week, on full pay, could lead to increased productivity and improve workers’ physical and mental health.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 08 July 2019
Work-Life balance is one of the most important aspects of a job for candidates, ahead of career opportunities and perks, a study has suggested. Jobs site Glassdoor said a survey of 2,000 adults showed the importance of firms offering staff a decent balance between work and home lives.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 31 May 2019
Two out of three workers would consider looking for another job if they discovered an unfair gender pay gap in their organisation, a new study suggests. Research by management services company ADP indicated that younger workers felt most strongly about the gender pay gap.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 28 March 2019
There has been a 43% drop in the number of district nurses in England in the last 10 years, leading to sometimes unsafe staffing levels, according to a new report.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel - 21 May 2019
Britain’s biggest companies have been ordered to cap sky-high salaries for top bosses and align them more closely with ordinary workers, or face the wrath of a new regulator. A hard-hitting report claims that soaring pay packages for fat cat executives at FTSE 100 firms are a symbol of “corporate greed” and are tarnishing Britain’s reputation.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel
Freelancers could see their income fall by as much as £7,500 a year due to punitive tax reforms due to be introduced from April. The rules, which have been in force for public sector contractors since 2017, mean hiring firms rather than contractors themselves will be responsible for determining an individual’s tax status.
Work/EmploymentThe Telegraph
Members of Britain’s elite, who hold the top jobs in politics, the judiciary, media and business, are five times more likely to have been to private school than the general population, according to research.
Work/EmploymentThe Guardian
Doctors from ethnic minorities are too often treated as outsiders by their NHS bosses and peers and not given the support they need, according to an investigation into why they are twice as likely to face disciplinary action as white doctors.
Work/EmploymentThe Guardian
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