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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
There are more than 200 million child labourers around the world, and at least 150 million are in forced labour, a new report says.
World IssuesChurch Times, July 2019
Eight children a day are being killed or injured in 31 conflict zones in Yemen while the United Nations struggles to end the deadlock between warring parties, more than two months after a peace deal was agreed in Stockholm.
World IssuesChurch Times, 8th March 2019
Sexual violence in Unity State, South Sudan, is “endemic” despite a peace agreement there, the United Nations has reported. A UN investigation found that at least 175 women and girls - some as young as eight years old – had been raped, or suffered other sexual and physical violence, between September and December 2018.
World IssuesChurch Times, 22nd February 2019
A report about Colombia in December concluded that ‘there is no question that violations of human rights, including attacks on the civilian population and severe restrictions on religious freedom, continue or have grown worse in many parts of the country,’ despite the 2016 peace agreement.
World IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
The UN and its partners have launched a new humanitarian response plan (HRP) for Libya, which requires £156 million funding, to help 550,000 people. Launched last week, it has the support of the interim Libyan government. The UN Humanitarian/Resident Co-ordinator for Libya, Maria Ribeiro, said in Tripoli: “Years of instability and insecurity have taken a toll on the well-being of many children, women, and men in Libya.

World IssuesChurch Times, 8 February 2019
The UK Home Office acknowledged in November that Christian refugees in the Middle East are ‘reluctant’ to enter the refugee camp system, but refuses to state this is because of persecution.

World IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
Authorities in Kenya have forbidden Marie Stopes International (MSI) from carrying out abortions, it was reported in November. Medical authorities issued this order after they found MSI was advertising abortion services, despite a prohibition on all abortion advertising. Over the past five years, the United Kingdom has sent £163m of taxpayer money to MSI via the Department for International Development (DfID).
World IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019.
China's birth rate fell to its lowest level in decades last year, new figures reveal.
World IssuesIndependent 13th February 2019
According to new statistics, some 41.9 million babies were killed, worldwide, before birth in 2018. In other words, for every 33 live births, ten children were aborted. This comes as news that Down's syndrome abortions in England and Wales are up by 50%. Latest figures reveal around 92% of Down's pregnancies result in abortion.
World IssuesChristian Concern - 4th January 2019
At least half of the more than 1.35 billion people in the world living in poverty are children. That is one of the key findings of the 2018 global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).
World IssuesChurch Times – 28th September 2018
More Migrants from eight eastern European countries are now leaving the UK than coming for the first time since the nations joined the EU in 2004, official figures show. Estimated net long-term migration from the so-called EU8 states including Poland and Czech Republic has dropped sharply since the Brexit vote. A similar downward trend has occurred for other groups of EU states, bringing overall EU net migration down to around 87,000.
World IssuesThe Sentinel – 24th August 2018
While 69 per cent of all Muslims referred by the UN were accepted for resettlement in the UK, only 44 per cent of Christians were accepted and less than 21% of Yazidis. The end result was that of the 4,850 Syrian refugees the Home Office accepted for resettlement, a mere eleven were Christians, representing just 0.2 per cent of all Syrian refugees accepted by the UK.
World IssuesSword – September/October 2018]
Net migration from the EU to the UK has fallen to its lowest level in nearly five years, official figures show. An estimated 101,000 more people from the bloc arrived than left in 2017, according to the first data for a full calendar years since the Brexit vote. The latest figure is the lowest for any 12-month period since the year to March 2013, when it stood at 95,000.
World IssuesThe Sentinel - 17th July 2018
Hungary has approved a constitutional amendment making it more difficult for refugees to gain asylum and passed legislation which threatens people helping asylum seekers with up to a year in prison.
World IssuesThe Sentinel – 21st June 2018
In 2017 the number of euthanasia cases in Belgium increased by fourteen per cent according to an official report by the federal control and evaluation committee.

Key Findings:

In 2016/17 there were 4,337 deaths.
3 children under the age of 18 were euthanised
710 patients had conditions such as sight loss or incontinence
World IssuesCARE Impact Direct - 27th July 2018
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