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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Being wealthy can add eight to nine years to a healthy lifespan, research suggests. A new study found that those who are the richest live many more years free from disability than those who are poorest.
HealthThe Sentinel, 15th January 2020
The proportion of people falling ill with flu in England are rising as figures show more than two-thirds of toddlers have not had their vaccine. The number of flu cases confirmed in hospitals in the two weeks to December 8 was 472, up from 330 the week before. There were 124 new admissions to intensive care or high dependency units for flu, up from 80 the week before.

HealthThe Sentinel, 13th December 2019
Boys born with lower-than-average weight are at higher risk of having fertility problems in later life, according to research. Danish scientists have found that men who were born small for gestational age with birth weights in the bottom 10% had a 55% increased risk of infertility compared to those born in the normal weight range.
HealthThe Sentinel, 13th December 2019
Attendances of homeless patients at A&E have at least tripled in eight years, with hundreds stuck in hospitals for a long time, figures show. There were at least 36,000 emergency department attendances by people of no fixed abode in 2018-19, according to figures obtained by the British Medical Association.
HealthThe Sentinel, 12th December 2019
There has been a 37% rise in hospital admissions for eating disorders in just two years, new figures show. NHS Digital data for the PA news agency shows a rise across all age groups, including for teenage girls with anorexia.
HealthThe Sentinel, 2nd January 2020
Blood donors will be able to track the journey their blood takes through Google Maps in a bid to keep more people donating.
HealthThe Sentinel, 5th November 2019
The NHS's cancer waiting time performance across all the national targets has dropped to its lowest rate since records began, according to public data.
HealthThen Sentinel, 9th December
England "might well end up with mandatory" vaccines, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer has said, as she is recalled looking after two children who died from measles.
HealthThe Sentinel, 11th October 2019
Care home workers believe wearing pyjamas during night-shifts could help people with dementia know it is bedtime, according to a poll.
HealthThe Sentinel, 28th October 2019
The UK sits at the bottom of a major league table for cancer survival in high-income countries. While survival rates are improving, the UK performs worst for some key cancers,
HealthThe Sentinel, 12th September
Spikes in air pollution trigger hundreds of heart attacks, strokes and acute asthma attacks in English cities, according to new research.
HealthThe Sentinel, 21st October
Vegan and vegetarian diets are linked to a lower risk of heart disease but may increase the risk of stroke, experts say. A university of Oxford study found people who follow the diets have 22% lower risk of heart disease than meat eaters, while those who eat fish but no meat have a 13% reduced risk.
HealthThe Sentinel, 5th September
Cancer is now the leading cause of death in high income countries, while cardiovascular disease continues to be the biggest killer in poorer nations.
HealthThe Sentinel, 4th September
More than 100,000 cancer suffers missed out on early diagnosis in one year, largely due to staffing pressures, a charity has said.
HealthThe Sentinel, 2nd September
Adapted pig heart could be transplanted into patients within three year, according to a report citing the surgeon who pioneered heart transplantation in the UK.
HealthThe Sentinel, 19th August
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