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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
More than a million current account customers across the UK ditched and switched provider in 2019, figures show. Some 1,002,029 switches took place last year using the Current Account Switch Service - the highest total since 1,010,423 in 2016.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 23rd January 2020
Firms are being urged to explain the level of executive pay after research suggested top bosses receive 117 times the annual wage of the average worker.
MoneyThe Sentinel , 6th January 2020
Comparison websites are adding hundreds of pounds to home insurance bills for some households, according to a new study. Consumer group Which? said households risk paying up to £414 more for home insurance because sites are not asking the right questions.

MoneyThe Sentinel, 30th December 2019
Public service workers including police officers, nurses and teachers are among thousands of people caught up in pension scams which have seen their retirement pots plundered.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 2nd January 2020
Average household debt has increased amid a rise in insecure work and years of wage stagnation. The TUC said unsecured debt, other than mortgages, reached record highs last year.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 10th January 2020
People feel they have reached ‘financial maturity’ aged 31 on average – and are at their most frivolous with their spending at the age of 22, research has suggested. Men typically feel in control of their money at a younger age than women – at age 29 compared with 33, the survey from Zopa found.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 25th September 2019
Bereaved families who struggle with funeral costs are taking on £1,990 worth of debt on average to cover the costs, a report has found.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 4th September
Millions of people across Britain have been living deep below the poverty line since the millennium, according to an independent commission.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 29th July
Fewer people in the UK are donating money to charity, but people who do donate are giving larger amounts – the largest to religious causes, the latest UK Giving study has found. The annual report from the Charities Aid Foundation, published this week, is based on more than 12,000 responses to an online survey, and interviews conducted monthly over a year.
MoneyChurch Times, May 2019
UK Food prices have reached their highest rate of inflation in more than five years following the effect of last year’s extreme weather and global cereal cost increases.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 3 April 2019
The more peaceful a country is, the more its economy will grow and businesses prosper, a new report argues. Business and Peace Report is published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), a think tank that measures the impact of conflict, says, over the past 60 years, GDP growth has been three times higher in the most peaceful countries than in those experiencing violence and instability.
MoneyChurch Times, 21 June 2019
Holidaymakers were fleeced out of more than £7 million by fraudsters last year, new figures show. The amount of money stolen represents an increase from £6.7 million in 2017. More than half (53%) of the crimes related to the sale of airline tickets, with scammers particularly targeting people visiting family and friends in Africa and the Indian subcontinent.
MoneyThe Sentinel, 7 May 2019
A quarter of investors are stuck with assets they want to sell but cannot easily get rid of, research shows. Unlisted shares are the most commonly held of these “illiquid” assets, followed by debt investments such as loans. Other investors have holdings in digital currencies such as Bitcoin or investments in art, classic cars, motorcycles, boats or yachts.
MoneyThe Telegraph
Car insurance premiums are due to rise by up to £75 a year after the Government changed the rules on how much insurers must pay victims of serious crashes.Insurers are likely to pass these higher costs on to consumers following Lord Chancellor David Gauke's decision to change the Ogden rate, or discount rate, from -0.75pc to -0.25pc.
MoneyThe Telegraph
Senior doctors in the NHS are reducing their hours, turning down extra work and even retiring early to avoid being hit with huge tax bills on their pensions, a report reveals.Nearly 20% of consultants have cut the number of hours they work and 42% have reduced the amount of extra shifts they do, faced with the threat of receiving bills that can top £50,000 in a year, according to the research commissioned by NHS Employers.
MoneyThe Guardian
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