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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
The record level of self-harm behind bars is a "hidden crises" in which numbers are continuing to soar "unabated", campaigners have said.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 31st January 2020
Girls in the modern-day UK feel unsafe in public, held back by sexism in school and that boys are treated better than they are, according to a study. Their opinions on issues like Brexit are not heard and overall they feel "fed up and frustrated" with empty messages of female empowerment.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 20th January 2020
Students must be told about the risks of initiation ceremonies at university, according to new advice. It aims to raise awareness about the potential dangers of initiation events that involve excessive drinking, as well as other risky behaviours and activities such as coercion, humiliation or bullying.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 23rd September 2019
An app developed by a Christian entrepreneur is taking aim at the familiar problem of foodbanks having years' worth of tinned tomatoes, but no fresh fruit. The app, Bankuet, works by having foodbanks specify the food items they actually need. Those who want to donate to the hungry, but may not have the time or knowledge, can then log into the app and virtually buy the items listed by the foodbank in their area.
Social IssuesChurch Times, 15th November 2019
Thousands of children have been caught carrying weapons in school, an investigation has found, with suspects as young as four years old.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 16th October
The legal aid system is in "crisis", with fewer people than ever before having access to justice, lawyers fear.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 30th July
Experts have warned a “childhood crisis” is on the way as youngsters face unparalleled social pressures amid Government cuts to children’s services. A survey of 5,000 youngsters and adults carried out by leading charity Action for Children and YouGov found that two thirds of parents and grandparents felt childhoods were getting worse, and a third of children agreed.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 09 July 2019
Thousands of prisoners are being released without proper checks on what danger they pose to the public, a watchdog has suggested. Chief inspector of prisons Peter Clarke hit out at the “poor response” to the problem in his annual report.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 11 July 2019
Almost two-thirds of parents (60 per cent) and grandparents (62 per cent) think that childhoods today are getting worse, a survey of 5020 people, conducted by YouGov for Action For Children, says. Of the children surveyed, 34 per cent agreed with this view, and 91 per cent said they were worrying about “adult issues” such as Brexit, terrorism, or the environment.
Social IssuesChurch Times, 19 July 2019
A lack of public toilets in the UK is threatening the health and mobility of the population, a report says. Three in four adults (74%) believe there are not enough places to pee in their area, according to a survey by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). Meanwhile, one in five (20%) said a lack of facilities deters them from leaving home as often as they would like. The RSPH is calling for Government action to address the “neglect” shown towards facilities in the UK.
Social IssuesThe Sentinel - 23 May 2019
The Houses of Parliament should become a vape-friendly zone, as part of efforts to make vaping more acceptable around the workplace, MPs have said. There should be vaping policies for businesses and public places to help tackle “misunderstandings” about the practice and to ensure it is treated separately to smoking, according to MPs on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 20 November 2018
Hong Kong and Taiwan voted to retain the definition of marriage between one man and one woman in a vote in mid-November. In Hong Kong, a motion to pave the way for legalising same-sex unions was rejected by 27 votes to 24 votes in parliament. A referendum in Taiwan also rejected legalising same-sex marriage in defiance of a high court ruling last year.

Social IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
A wedding magazine run by Christians was forced to close in December because it wouldn’t feature same-sex couples. Luke and Carla Burrell, who started White Magazine 12 years ago, said the publication had been targeted by homosexual activists following Australia’s decision to redefine marriage.

Social IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
A group set up to protect unborn children in America estimates it has saved thousands of lives by helping mothers choose life. Human Coalition uses social media and online advertising to ‘reach and influence’ women who have decided to have an abortion. It says that since 2010, more than 5,500 children who would otherwise have been aborted have been saved.
Social IssuesThe Christian Institute 13th February 2019
The numbers of criminals being caught with knives or dangerous weapons is at the highest level since the start of the decade, new figures show. In the year to September 2018, 13,477 offences of possessing an article with blade or point resulted in a conviction or caution in England and Wales.
In addition, there were 6,946 cases where an individual was found with an offensive weapon and 958 where a knife or weapon was used to make threats against others.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 14 December 2018
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