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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Almost 900 'excess deaths' are thought to have occurred during the UK heatwaves of summer 2019 official data shows. There were an estimated 892 excess deaths in the over 65s over summer last year, Public Health England said.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel , 8th January 2020
Almost half of care workers say their care home has a bar or place where residents can drink alcohol according to a poll.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel , 6th January 2020
Nearly a third of people aged 80 and over collectively provide 23m hours of unpaid care a week, according to a new analysis by Age UK. The charity said the figure adds up to 1.2bn hours of unpaid care work each year, saving the health and care system £23bn annually.

The ElderlyThe Sentinel, 19th December 2019
Potholes in pavements are restricting older people from walking on local streets, new research suggests. A survey of 1,012 adults aged at least 65 indicated that 31% say cracked or uneven pavements limit the amount of walking they do.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel, 1 May 2019
Middle class people aged 60 to 74 are earning more than double what their parents were taking home at the same age as they are increasingly forced to work as they get older.The IFS says it reflects employment rates for older men and women continuing to rise as life expectancy increases and they have to compensate for less generous pensions than previous generations.
The ElderlyThe Telegraph
Age UK has produced advice on transgender issues for elderly people, saying that "retirement or the death of a partner may provide the first real opportunity to think about and act" on feelings of gender dysphoria.
The ElderlyChristian Weekly News - 24th August 2018
Middle-aged adults are more comfortable talking about their weight than striking up a conversation about death with their parents, a new poll suggests. A survey of 1,000 Britons aged 40 to 64 found that 44% do not feel comfortable talking to their parents about death. The poll, conducted by the charity Independent Age, found that 31% would rather talk about their weight, 26% would rather talk about personal finances and 9% would even prefer discussing sex over death.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel – 19th June 2018
Elderly ex-pats who have settled in Spain make up about one in seven of all British residents living in the EU, new figures suggest. Some 119,400 British citizens aged 65 or over are estimated to be living in Spain - 15% of all British people who have made their home in another mainland EU country, Office for National Statistics figures say. A further 29,300 are in France and 14,900 in Germany. In total 784,900 British citizens live in the EU, not including the UK and Ireland.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel 17th April 2018
Each year, 192,000 older people are bereaved, and about 160,000 of them become depressed. This figure is likely to rise sharply as the population ages, the study warns. Nearly one third of bereaved people aged over 65 describe themselves as very lonely, compared with just five per cent of people of the same age who have not lost their partner.
The ElderlyChurch Times – 11th May 2018
Age UK reported in March that almost 1 million older people say their lives rarely have any meaning. Based on interviews with older people, Age UK found that many were not motivated to look after themselves. Significantly, ‘all these people lacked hope that life could change for the better’.
The ElderlyEvangelicalsNow - May 2018
A report presented to Parliament in January by MP Frank Field showed that as many as 1 million older people are starving in their homes because of loneliness and isolation. The report quotes a woman in her 80s whose husband went into a care home with dementia. The district nurse, who had been visiting her husband to help with food, stopped coming and, with no one else visiting, the woman did not eat a proper meal for nine weeks. This went unnoticed until a neighbour called two months later. A man in his 90s was reported as banned from his local supermarket – because he fell twice and was an insurance risk – so he was unable to buy food.
The ElderlyEvangelicals Now – March 2018
Hundreds of care homes are banning relatives from visiting elderly residents over complaints about quality of care. The care homes said they had investigated the issues raised.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - 3rd November 2016
In five years’ time there could be no private care homes left in the UK, according to independent Think Tank ResPublica. If nothing in the funding regime changes within five years, there will be a projected loss of 37,000 care beds as funding fails to meet demand. With the sector under immense financial strain, the likelihood is this time there will be no private provider of last resort.
The ElderlyEvangelicals Now - March 2016
Sixty-five to 79 is the happiest age group for adults, according to Office for National Statistics research. The survey of more than 300,000 adults across the UK found life satisfaction, happiness and feeling life was worthwhile all peaked in that age bracket, but declined in the over-80s.
The ElderlyBBC News - 2nd February 2016
There are now 11 million people aged 65 or over in the UK with 3 million people aged 80 or over. By 2050, estimates predict that the elderly will account for 16 percent of the global population. Research suggests that about three-quarters of elderly people will develop a social care need...According to the UK Government strategy for Robotics and Autonomous System 2015, is likely that robots and AI assisted appliances will take on the part of the role of care providers including meeting practical care needs, providing round-the-clock support and even providing a form of companionship.
The ElderlyBioCentre - 28th August 2015
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