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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
The number of children in England abused due to faith and belief has risen by more than 30 per cent in the last three years, new data has shown.
Religious PersecutionYouth and Children's Work, January 2020
The number of Christians facing extreme or high persecution has risen sharply in the past year, as the use of new digital methods to monitor worshippers has increased. The latest World Wide Watch List, compiled by the charity Open Doors, shows a six percent increase in the number of Christians persecuted for their faith.
Religious PersecutionChurch Times, 17th January
Over 100 Christians were arrested in Iran in the first week of December and nearly 150 in the preceding month, as part of the government’s attempt to ‘warn’ Christians against sharing the gospel over the Christmas period. This comes at the end of a year when dozens of Christians have been arrested, and some have been given strikingly long sentences.

Religious PersecutionEvangelicals Now January 2019
The persecution of Christians rose by 14 per cent last year, with 30 million more people experiencing violence, discrimination or harassment because of their faith, according to Christian charity Open Doors.

Religious PersecutionChristianity, February 2019.
Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has acknowledged the ‘dramatic rise in violence’ against Christians globally, and launched an independent review to investigate. An estimated 215 million Christians faced discrimination and violence last year, and an average of 250 were killed for their faith each month.
Religious PersecutionThe Christian Institute - 4th January 2019
A local councillor has described gospel tracts posted through letterboxes in Essex as “extreme”, but The Christian Institute says they speak of God’s love. “What comes after Pride” explains how God opposes people who build up themselves – in contrast to Jesus who humbled himself by dying on the cross. But David Burton-Sampson, a Basildon councillor, said the content was “appalling” and excludes people.
Religious PersecutionThe Christian Institute - 23rd August 2018
Christians remain the most persecuted religious group in the world, new figures from the Pew Research Centre show. The Centre’s report on religious harassment in 2016 found that Christians were harassed in 144 countries, up from 128 the year before, while Muslims were harassed in 142 countries, up from 125 in 2015.
Religious PersecutionChurch Times - 29th June 2018
The Algerian Government has been criticised for discrimination against the country’s Christian minority. Churches and individual Christians have faced increased restrictions in recent months, raising concerns that these pressures signal a ‘coordinated campaign of intensified action against churches by the governing authorities’, according to Christian advocacy group Middle East Concern.
Religious PersecutionEvangelicals Now - July 2018
An international charity that supports persecuted Christians, Open Doors, estimated that between 50,000 and 70,000 Christians were imprisoned in North Korea for their beliefs.

Religious PersecutionChurch Times - 15th June 2018
A warning was given to the EU Parliament on 5 June that religious freedom is one generation away from being lost.
Discrimination and intolerance of Christianity in Europe was debated for the first time in the European Parliament.
Religious PersecutionEvangelicals Now - July 2018
The Anti Defamation League (ADL) has released a report stating that over four million tweets were made in 2017 containing anti-Jewish messages, ranging from Holocaust denial to more general racial and religious abuse.
Religious PersecutionThe Plain Truth - Spring-Summer 2018
Denmark has become the sixth European country to ban a burka in public. From August 1, a fine of 1,000 DKK will be imposed on anyone found wearing a burka (which covers the entire face) or a niqab (which covers the entire face except the eyes). Anyone found forcing someone to cover their face could face up to two years in prison.
Religious PersecutionChristian Concern - 1st June 2018
A Kazakh regional Religious Affairs Department demanded the personal data of everyone under 18 who attends Christian meetings for worship, it was reported in mid-April. ‘It was not sent to Muslims, for example, just to Christians, and selectively’, an official stated. She refused to explain what ‘selectively’ means.
Religious PersecutionEvangelicalsNow – June 2018
Uttarakhand became the seventh state in India to put ‘anti-conversion’ legislation in force, with the Freedom of Religion Bill being signed on 18 April. A national newspaper reported the news of the governor’s approval of the Bill and enforcement of the Act.
Religious PersecutionEvangelicalsNow – June 2018
Pakistan’s citizens must now declare their religion when applying for identity documents, or if they want to work in Government or register to vote, Islamabad’s High Court ruled on 9th March. Applicants who disguise their true religion defy the constitution and betray the state, the judge said. Their true religion must now also be visible on birth certificates, ID cards, voters’ lists and passports. Many other jobs, including those in Government and the army, need applicants to submit an affidavit declaring that Muhammad was the final prophet.
Religious PersecutionEvangelicalsNow - May 2018
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