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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Around one in eight men and women are forced to stop working before state pension age due to ill-health or disability, according to TUC research published today.
Work/EmploymentEkklesia Daily Bulletin - 5th September 2016
A recent study published in the scientific journal Addiction has found that gambling can significantly increase violence among men.
Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsThe Christian Institute - 9th September 2016
A group of atheists has successfully campaigned to remove Bibles from rooms at a hotel in Arizona.
World IssuesThe Christian Institute - 9th September 2016
“Over 1.5 million patients have had their lives saved and health improved by adult stem cell transplants”, a senior academic and stem cell expert has said.
ScienceThe Christian Institute - 9th September 2016
More than 300 shops have stopped selling so-called legal highs after the Government’s recent ban, according to new figures from the Home Office.
CrimeThe Christian Institute - 2nd September 2016
More than 3,500 churches have switched their electricity from fossil fuels to renewable energy, or have registered to do so, according to research published by Christian charities.
EnvironmentCivil Society News - 2nd September 2016
Drug-related deaths reached a record high in Scotland last year, according to new figures. There were 706 drug-related deaths in 2015, a 15 per cent increase on 2014, when 613 people died.
Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsThe Christian Institute - 19th August 2016
A leading children’s charity has reported a marked increase in calls from children worried about ‘sexting’, according to a new report. Nearly 1,400 calls related to sexting were received by ChildLine in 2015-16, a rise of 15 per cent on the previous year.
Young PeopleThe Christian Institute - 19th August 2016
Women who have undertaken sex reassignment surgery to become ‘men’ are being given IVF treatment on the NHS, it has emerged. At least three women who have undertaken the surgery are “on the brink” of becoming parents using IVF, according to a doctor who works at the UK’s only ‘gender identity’ clinic. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali said the procedure risked upsetting "the natural order", and that this would be very confusing for the child.
FamilyChristian Concern - 5th August 2016
The American College of Paediatricians has issued a statement calling for an end to the normalisation of gender dysphoria, which is leading to confused children being sterilised. The College argues that with 80% of gender dysphoria cases in children resolving themselves by late adolescence, the push for medical intervention can cause permanent harm, violating “the long-standing medical ethics principle of ‘First do no harm.’” The College described this as "criminal".
Young PeopleChristian Concern - 5th August 2016
A recent study has found that nearly one in three bingo club players have experienced a gambling problem of some kind.
Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsThe Christian Institute - 5th August 2016
The head of a disability group has contradicted his organisation – and the views of thousands of disabled people – by voicing support for euthanasia.
Social IssuesThe Christian Institute - 12th August 2016
Trust between parents and schools was seriously threatened by the legislation behind the Named Person plans, the Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC) has said.
FamilyThe Christian Institute - 12th August 2016
Hugh Grant has described marriage as “unromantic” and said casual affairs keep marriages together.
What famous people sayThe Christian Institute - 12th August 2016
A High Court judge has ruled that the word ‘unborn’ in Ireland’s constitution means an “unborn child”, with the right to life as well as rights extending beyond the right to life, which must be “taken seriously” by the State. These rights, he said, are “effective” rather than merely “prospective”. Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute said that this is an “important ruling” which reminds us that “we are a human being from conception”.
The LawChristian Concern - 12th August 2016
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