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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
One in ten teenagers have been victims of cyber bullying, such as receiving threatening emails or having unpleasant rumours about them spread on the internet.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 15th March 2006
Almost 60% of people in Britain think that a place of worship makes their neighbourhood a better place to live in.

EnvironmentEvangelicals Now – April 2006
A survey of 500 shop staff found that 62% came under pressure to work on Sundays and only 11% have had the confidence to use their legal right to opt out of Sunday working.

Work/EmploymentEvangelicals Now – April 2006
About 31% of Evangelical Christians in the UK now give more than 10% of their household income to their church. This is a significant trend and compares favorably with America, where the corresponding figure is only 23%.

ChurchEvangelical Times – April 2006
The number of children under 14 becoming pregnant rose from 334 in 2003 to 341 in 2004. 66% of those had an abortion. In 2004, a total of 13,616 girls of 16 became pregnant compared to 13,303 in 2003; 45% of those had an abortion. Among 17 year olds, rates also showed an increase from 20,835 to 20,921, and 41% had an abortion. The pregnancy figures dropped among 14 year olds from 1888 to 1751 and 15 year olds 5802 to 5521.

HealthEvangelical Times – April 2006
Creationism and intelligent design can be considered in the classroom, Schools Minister Jacqui Smith has said.
EducationTimes Educational Supplement - 10th March 2006
A West Midlands council is to charge a local church for erecting a cross after classifying it as an advertisement. Dudley Borough Council said Dudley Wood Methodist Church will have to pay £75 planning permission before a 6 foot cross can be included in their redevelopment plans.
ChurchDaily Mail - 8th March 2006
Britons are more worried about lack of exercise and sleep deprivation than passive smoking. More than half (53%), were troubled by not exercising, and 17% were worried by smoking.

HealthThe Sentinel – 7th March 2006
Only 20% of drivers who use their vehicles to travel to work currently car share.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 8th March 2006
There are 1,028 people up to the age of 19 with autism in Staffordshire. Nationally, teachers see autism in one in every 86 children.

HealthThe Sentinel – 14th March 2006
Nearly 7,000 deaths per year in the UK could be prevented if the average person replaced one daily snack with dried fruit and natural nuts.

HealthThe Sentinel – 14th March 2006
About 16% of motorists now have penalty points, with 3% being one offence away from a driving ban. In the last 12 months motorists have paid out more than £121 million in speeding fines and 92% of motoring convictions over the last two years were for speeding.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 9th March 2006
Broadband, microwaves and teabags were the favourite speedy inventions of all time according to a report. The electric toothbrush and ready meals were also named in a survey of 1,000 adults.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 2nd March 2006
May the Great God, whom I worship, grant to my country and for the benefit of Europe in general, a great and glorious Victory; and may no misconduct in any one tarnish it; and may humanity after Victory be the predominant feature of the British Fleet. For myself, individually, I commit my life to Him who made me, and may His blessing light upon my endeavors for serving my Country faithfully. To Him I resign myself and the just cause which is entrusted to me to defend. Amen. Amen. Amen."
What famous people sayHoratio, Lord Nelson, (20 October 1805, his prayer on the eve of the Battle of Trafalgar)
New mothers are returning to work early because they need the money or are missing their jobs. A survey of 1,100 new and expectant mothers showed that only two out of five planned to take advantage of their full maternity leave entitlement.

FamilyThe Sentinel – 27th January 2006
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