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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
500,000 older people are believed to be abused at any one time in the UK. Two thirds of abuse is committed at home. A quarter of those who abuse are sons and daughters.

The ElderlyThe Times – 1st February 2006
Cigarette smoke has been voted the nation’s worst household smell. Cheap perfume is next, followed by traffic fumes and cooking smells. Air fresheners made fifth place in the 2,000 people survey.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 6th February 2006
Most mothers could not afford to pay someone to look after their child if they wanted to return to work. A poll of 3,000 women also found that almost half received a negative reaction from their employers when they needed time off work to be with their children.

FamilyThe Sentinel – 19th January 2006
Four out of 10 people have experienced feelings of stress and anxiety because they do not feel in control of their finances. It’s been dubbed by medical experts Money Sickness Syndrome.

HealthThe Sentinel - 20th January 2006
Single people suffer discrimination at the hands of a couplist society despite making up 38% of the adult population.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 24th January 2006
The number of calls to a debt advice line are double last year’s level.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 25th January 2006
Parents to be spend an average of £1,560 on their baby before it is even born. One in seven people said they spent between £2,000 and £2,500.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 25th January 2006
Mobile phone users can feel stressed and anxious if separated from their handsets. Out of those surveyed, 90% were obsessed with checking their phone at least once an hour.

HealthThe Sentinel – 26th January 2006
Britons are three times more likely to raid their savings account to buy treats for themselves than to pay for essential items.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 8th February 2006
Almost three million British workers may have had to take a month off work in the past three years due to illness. A survey of more than 600 full and part time workers found 11% had been absent for more than a month at one time in the last three years.
HealthThe Sentinel – 8th February 2006
Around 68,000 eBay traders in the UK make at least a quarter of their income by selling goods on the site.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 8th February 2006
Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are suffering from the effects of tinnitus. A survey of almost 900 people with tinnitus found that 41% said it had a negative effect on their personal relationships.

HealthThe Sentinel – 20th February 2006
As many as 2.8 million people have been left homeless by the South Asia earthquake, with more than 750,000 people killed in the areas affected by the disaster.

Disasters/WarThe Sentinel – 23rd February 2006
The number of people using the MSN Messenger service in the UK has topped the 10 million mark. More than 3.7 billion messages are now sent every year in the UK.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 24th February 2006
Schools are spending two and a half times as much on exam fees as they are on books, according to new figures.

EducationThe Sentinel – 24th February 2006
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