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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
A Tory MP woke up on the streets of London yesterday after spending the night sleeping rough to highlight what he says are Government failures to tackle homelessness. Housing spokesman Grant Shapps was guided through the experience by a constituent who lived on the streets for a year after been thrown out of home at the age of 14, before turning his life around.
HousingThe Sentinel - December 26th 2007
Homeowners could see the value of thier property drop over the next few years with a 20% chance of a fall in prices by 2010. Accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers said there is a one in five chance that house prices will fall between now and 2010. There is a one in three chance that values will be lower in real terms, once inflation had been factored in.
HousingThe Sentinal - November 2007
Council tenants could lose their right to a home for life under reforms being considered to cut waiting lists, it emerged today. Under the proposals, council homes could be provided with fixed-term contracts and reviews every few years. Any tenant whose financial circumstances improve could be asked to move to the private sector, buy part ownership of their home or pay higher rent. The proposal was put forward by The Chartered Institute of Housing, which represents housing officials.
HousingThe Sentinel - 10th November 2008
England is heading for a housing crisis despite the government’s pledge to build an extra three million homes by 2020 according to a report. The independent body set up to advise ministers on new homes said at least 270.000 more were needed to help tackle the shortfall. It said average prices in England are more than seven times average salaries.
HousingThe Sentinel - October 2007
House prices are falling at their fastest rate for two years. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said the cost of UK property fell for the 2nd month in a row during September. The number of people looking to buy a house fell for the 10th consecutive month and at its fastest rate for four-and-a-half years.
HousingThe Sentinel - October 11th, 2007
The number of homes selling for more than £1million has nearly trebled during the past five years. A total of 6,170 properties in England and Wales sold for at least seven figures during the year to the end of June, according to Halifax Estate Agents. They say that there are now around 88,000 homes valued at more than £1million in England and Wales.
HousingThe Sentinel - 21st September 2007
House price inflation more than halved in June as higher interest rates weakened homebuyer demand, a report today indicates. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) said 10.6 per cent more of its members reported a rise in values than a fall during the month. It is the second consecutive month of easing price growth.
HousingThe Sentinel, - July 12 2007
The loft living dream is over, at least in Nottingham. The city is now dotted with hundreds of empty city centre apartments – 600 according to one report. It depends who you talk to as to how the Nottingham city centre residential market is performing. For every scare story about a ghost town, whose only occupants are students, there is research showing that, by 2012, the number of people living in the city centre will have risen by 6,000 to 22,000.
HousingInsider - July 2007
Enquiries about estate agents to the Ombudsman soared by 41 per cent in a single year, figures out today show. The number of buyers and sellers seeking advice or lodging complaints hit 8,472 in 2006. Of those, 586 cases were referred for a review and 297 were upheld in the consumers’ favour by the Ombudsman for Estate Agents Christopher Hamer.
HousingThe Sentinel - May 23rd 2007
Frustration with "greedy" estate agents is at an all-time high, according to a report today. A survey of 2,200 adults showed that two out of five resented handing over a percentage of the value of their home. Two-thirds of those who had recently sold their house described their estate agent as a "wide boy", while others described them as "smarmy".
HousingThe Sentinel – 5th April 2007
House prices are at their most overvalued for 15 years, according to a new study which reveals costs are moving beyond the means of many families. The affordability barometer, in which 100 points represents the average expense of house prices since the 1960’s, is now at 94.3 points.

HousingThe Sentinel – 2nd January 2006
One in seven children are growing up homeless or living in bad housing. Research shows the figure amounts to 1.6 million youngsters in the UK. It found that in England, children in bad housing are twice as likely to leave school with no GCSE’s.

HousingThe Sentinel – 29th November 2006
One in three people would consider buying a property abroad to get on the housing ladder. A survey of 2,300 adults showed that younger people would consider buying a house abroad.

HousingThe Sentinel – 24th November 2006
National Statistics released show that in the West Midlands 2,400 new households became homeless during April to June of this year. This is 32% lower than the same time last year. The West Midlands has also seen a reduction of 28% in the number of households in temporary accommodation, down to 1,930 across the region.

HousingPress Association – September 2006
The size of the average new home is shrinking as the Government puts pressure on builders to produce high density developments. The average plot size for a new property has shrunk to 973 square feet from 988 square feet during the past twelve months.
HousingThe Sentinel – 26th July 2006
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