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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
House prices showed their strongest increase for two years during May as speculation over higher interest rates failed to dampen buyers’ confidence. Inquiries from potential buyers rose for a record 12th successive month.

HousingThe Sentinel – 15th June 2006
Homeowners in the Midlands have spent more than £15 billion on tasteless home improvements that will actually reduce the value of their properties, according to new research from Direct Line Home Insurance.

HousingYouGov – 15th May 2006
Houses sold in England and Wales are to be given energy efficiency ratings as part of a drive to reduce the UK’s energy requirements and help avoid climate change. Houses will be given an A to G rating, with A being the best.

HousingThe Sentinel – 14th June 2006
One in four first time buyers are delaying buying a property until they have a long term partner, with many viewing a mortgage as a symbol of commitment.

HousingThe Sentinel – 13th April 2006
The average price of a detached house has passed £250,000 in half of the UK’s regions, meaning buyers have to pay stamp duty at 3%. At the same time the average cost of any property in London is now £257,120.

HousingThe Sentinel – 21st March 2006
380,000 people are living on the street, if brought together - the figure would be bigger than the population of Cardiff (The Capital of Wales).

HousingCrisis - Britain’s Invisible City Report
The number of households regarded as homeless has dropped by 23%. The figures showed there were 7,350 fewer homeless households in England compared with the same period in 2004.

HousingThe Sentinel – 13th December 2005
The top three causes of homelessness are; Parents, relatives or friends not being able or willing to provide accommodation; Relationship breakdown and the end of short hold tenancy.
HousingNew Frontiers – September – December 2005
Homelessness affects all types of people, singles and families, men and women, old and young, those who had a good education and those who did not.

HousingNew Frontiers – September – December 2005
An average of 5,504 sleep on the street on any one night, 267 of those being in Greater London.
HousingNew Frontiers – September – December 2005
Homelessness affects many people. The figures for the hidden homeless population in the UK (i.e. living in hostels, squats, bed and breakfast and on the floors of friends and family) are around 380,000.
HousingNew Frontiers – September – December 2005
Research has shown that nearly 1 in 10 people have vowed never to move house again because they found buying a new home so stressful.

HousingThe Sentinel – 3rd September 2005
A growing number of young people are planning to buy properties abroad because of rocketing house prices in this country, according to a report out today. A survey of 1,000 people aged between 18 and 29 found that half were turning to a foreign country to get their feet on the property ladder.
HousingThe Sentinel – 24th January 2005
Bridget Jones-style singletons are a growing force in the housing market with the number of women buying their first home alone more than doubling in 20 years, according to figures published today by the Halifax.
HousingThe Sentinel – 3rd November 2004
Council leaders are being urged to reconsider the amount of money available for housing alterations after a report found one in three households include someone with special needs. A study carried out for Stoke-on-Trent City Council revealed almost 35% of households had at least one member with a long term illness health problem or disability. Outside Research and Development, which carried out the research, said this figure was the highest they had ever unearthed and compared to a national average of 26.6%.
HousingThe Sentinel – 27th November 2004
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