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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Dieters are told never eat food in front of the TV because they absent-mindedly end up snacking more than they should.

Food and DrinkThe Sentinel – 26th June 2006
Staffordshire remains one of the safest places in the UK to live, yet the public are often fearful of crime and anti-social behaviour in their communities.

CrimeThe Informer – June 2006
Boys are no better at maths than girls, and research claiming sexes learn differently is wrong according to an American psychologist.

EducationThe Sentinel – 28th July 2006
A team from Newcastle University claim to have found a way of making people behave more honestly. They found people put three times more money into an honesty box when they were being watched by a pair of eyes on a poster.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 28th July 2006
Aid agencies are warning that climate change is presenting a serious barrier to reducing world poverty. Today, 182 million people in sub-Saharan Africa alone are at risk of death by the end of the century due to diseases directly attributable to climate-induced floods, famine, drought and conflict.

Disasters/WarIdea – July / August 2006
Four out of five children do not know their own phone numbers any more thanks to mobiles, texts, emails and other devices, according to new research.

Odd FactsBisslancaster – June 2006
According to Prudential, kids can wave goodbye to their inheritance.
Only one in five (19%) parents plan to leave their children an inheritance
Over two thirds of parents would rather help their children financially while they are alive
63% of parents would prefer giving their children multiple amounts over time instead of one lump sum.

MoneyPrudential – June 2006
Having children in the car may have a positive impact on road safety and that parents are half as likely to have an accident or breach driving rules than the average driver.

Odd FactsPrivilege – June 2006
Over two thirds (70 per cent) of mums with kids under three say they spend more on their kids' outfits than they do on their own, according to new research from financial services company, MINT. New mums now fork out an average of £406 a year on their toddlers'
wardrobes, with designer clothes being the order of the day. More than half
(63 per cent) say they've picked up the latest miniature trainers and a over
a third (41 per cent) dress their kids in designer clothes.

FamilyMINT – June 2006
Homeowners in the Midlands have spent more than £15 billion on tasteless home improvements that will actually reduce the value of their properties, according to new research from Direct Line Home Insurance.

HousingYouGov – 15th May 2006
Despite the government’s tough line on anti-social behaviour in the run up to the World Cup and the introduction of ASBOs, new research reveals that anti-social behaviour remains Britons’ number one safety concern.

Social IssuesYouGov – 3rd May 2006
A growing number of men are turning to drink because of work related stress. A study revealed that one in three men are drinking alcohol to try to switch off. A further one in five had suffered from depression.

Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsThe Sentinel – 8th June 2006
According to MP George Galloway, young Muslims had no confidence in the police.

PoliticsThe Sentinel – 9th June 2006
Australian farmers are developing a new breed of mini cattle that can be shorn like sheep. The animals can also produce milk and beef.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 12th June 2006
There were a huge increase in the number of calls and texts to the Samaritans following England’s opening World Cup match against Paraguay. Calls in the hour after Kick Off were 74% of their normal levels.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 13th June 2006
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