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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
A nationwide survey looking at the UK's salad consumption and attitude to healthy eating has revealed that Midlanders are amongst the country's top salad eaters. Half of Midlanders buy a bag of salad at
least once a week, and 14% say they eat some salad every day.

Food and DrinkFresh Prepared Salads Producer Group – June 2006
Autism disorders could affect one in 100 children in the UK.

HealthThe Sentinel – 14th July 2006
Research released today reveals that 30% of fathers in the West Midlands would love to jack in the 9 to 5 and be a stay-at-home dad. The research, commissioned by Fisher-Price for National Play Week, questioned 1500 parents across the UK to determine opinions on fathers’ roles in today’s society.
The survey, which quizzed parents on attitudes to play and parenthood, also made other findings:
70% of dads in the West Midlands said they play with their kids far more than their own dads played with them.
35% of the dads surveyed considered discipline to be a mother’s role, not the traditional male role.

FamilyFisher-Price – June 2006
Parents collectively spend £990 million on school uniform for their children every term.
The average parents spend £185 getting their child kitted out.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 17th July 2006
Muslims view people from the West, especially the United States and Europe, as selfish, immoral and greedy. People from the United States and Europe view Muslims as arrogant, violent and intolerant. The deep divide between Muslims and the West was clearly illustrated in the findings of a new 15-country poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

World IssuesThe Associated Press – June 2006
Over the last three and a half years the number of people writing weblogs has doubled every six months.

MediaChristianity - August 2006
The vast majority of women believe that abortion is “cruel” and that the existing law should be changed, according to the biggest ever professional survey of female opinion.
The survey also shows that most people – men and women – believe that too many abortions are being carried out each year and want to see the 200,000 a year toll reduced.

HealthChoose Life – June 2006
Couples who are affected by serious genetic diseases and require IVF to have children will be able to select embryos free of certain illnesses after techniques developed at Guys and St Thomas’ hospital in London.

Social IssuesChristianity - August 2006
A new report published say’s that youth custody should be abolished for all but violent offenders, drastically slashing the number of young people being locked up by around 4,000.

CrimeLocal Government Association – July 2006
High Street chemist Boots is planning to base GP surgeries and hospital consultants in its outlets across the country.

HealthThe Sentinel – 24th July 2006
Concern over climate change is changing our buying habits as designer labels slip down the "must-buy" list. Over half (53%) of consumers are prepared to spend more money on products that benefit the environment, compared to just 17% who are willing to pay more for designer or fashion labels.

EnvironmentEnergy Saving Trust – July 2006
Most consumers are confused about the concept of digital radio and the majority do not realise that they already have access to digital radio services via Freeview and the internet.

MediaThe Radio Magazine – 19th July 2006
More than a third of children in the West Midlands (39 per cent) use blogs and social networking sites at least two or three times a week yet more than two-thirds of parents (67 per cent) in the area don't even know what a blog is, according to a report launched.

MediaNCH and Tesco Telecoms – July 2006
UK shoppers spend more on goods over the internet than anywhere else in Europe.

ShoppingThe Sentinel – 19th July 2006
The mid-morning cuppa does a lot more for hard pressed office workers than provide an excuse for a gossip. In fact, it makes you five times more likely to complete your pre-lunch tasks, and dramatically improves staff confidence in completing their 'to do' list by the end of the day. Energy levels also increase and the tea break even offers bosses the chance to socialise with colleagues, and for the more ambitious workers to network.

Social IssuesTyphoo – July 2006
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