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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Up to 600,000 Britons bought animal parts as souvenirs while holidaying abroad in the last five years, a survey has revealed. Elephant ivory, rhino horn, animal teeth and claws, big cat skins and reptile skins are among the items that have been bought home.

ShoppingThe Sentinel – 5th September 2006
New research reveals that 27% of women reckon they’re better drivers than men, 27% of women are avid Top Gear fans and 15% love watching the Grand Prix, 35% of women make sacrifices to buy their ideal car compared to only 24% of men. Nearly one in 10 (8%) competition rally drivers are now women.

Odd FactsMINT – September 2006
An survey released today reveals that a staggering 24% of parents will send their children to school without breakfast, the most important meal of the day, when they return to school this week. Of the 24% who go to school on an empty stomach, 6% in fact never eat breakfast and 18% only when they have time.
Food and DrinkiVillage – September 2006
A new website has been launched following CCB's fast Map survey of 3235 people which has revealed that half of all parents surveyed cannot name three symptoms of meningitis - the disease they fear most according to a Department of Health study. – September 2006
New research commissioned by Ariel and supported by the Energy Saving Trust shows our washing machines are responsible for an incredible 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours of energy being wasted annually, equating to £170 million - enough energy to power over 500,000 homes and all UK street lights for almost a year! A situation that can be easily resolved by the UK simply turning their washing machine dials to 30 degrees.

EnvironmentEnergy Saving Trust – September 2006
British homeowners have wasted over £8 billion on sub-standard jobs by trades people, many of whom fail to honour their contracts according to new research from Direct Line Home Insurance. More than 15 million Brits (35 per cent) have employed someone to carry out home improvements in the last two years at an average cost of £7,430. Yet one in 10 (seven per cent) were unhappy with the completed work, and of those 14 per cent were stung by trades people not standing by a contract.

Odd FactsDirect Line Home Insurance – September 2006
A third of students (33%) who suffered a burglary last year (2005) believe that branded boxes (TV, DVD, Laptop boxes etc) discarded outside their property led to the cause of break-in.

CrimeCover4students – September 2006
National Statistics released show that in the West Midlands 2,400 new households became homeless during April to June of this year. This is 32% lower than the same time last year. The West Midlands has also seen a reduction of 28% in the number of households in temporary accommodation, down to 1,930 across the region.

HousingPress Association – September 2006
There are 6,990 looked after children in the West Midlands. Six out of ten (65 per cent) enter the care system through abuse or neglect.

Social IssuesNCH – September 2006
Nearly two in three women (63%) in the UK have bought clothes and then never worn them, according to a British Heart Foundation (BHF) Shops survey.

Odd FactsBHF – September 2006
A new study today reveals that almost half of the UK population take less than an hour rest period at work.
World IssuesSo Crispy – September 2006
A recent poll amongst 450 of British 14-19 yr olds, reveals that politics just doesn't feature on the agenda for this age group. Online social community for teenagers, LunarStorm, shows that 37% of boys and 35% of girls, really DON'T CARE who will run the country after Tony Blair.
PoliticsMidnight Communications – September 2006
The gambling advice charity GamCare has announced that 6563 people contacted them for counselling in 2005, a 41% increase from 2004.
Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsEvangelical Times – September 2006
In the USA gambling goes on to the tune of more than $30 billion a year. It has been noted in a recent survey that at least 88 million Americans participate in some form of gambling, and 15.5 million gamble illegally.
MoneyEvangelical Times – September 2006
According to an Inland Revenue source, jackpot machines gobbled up more than $600 million in the last financial year.
MoneyEvangelical Times – September 2006
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