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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
The Home Office was accused of failing to close a loophole allowing immigrants to stay in the UK illegally, after an undercover investigation found evidence that some language schools were operating as visa factories.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 29th June 2006
A fairground ride owner got his festival permits with just days to spare after his letter arrived via Papua New Guinea. The envelope had been posted in South Tyneside to the Nottinghamshire home.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 29th June 2006
Taking a day off work to celebrate Scotland’s patron saint would benefit the country by a massive £27 million, a report commissioned by the Scottish Parliament’s Enterprise and Culture Committee has found.

MoneyThe Universe – 25th June 2006
Irish priests used the hand of God to help depressed football fans in Germany. Clerical teams were sent to German cities to give spiritual comfort to fans when their teams were dumped out of the World Cup.

ChurchThe Universe – 9th July 2006
Pope Benedict has hinted at a more high profile use of Latin in Mass, after saying he would like to see a return to the use of Georgian and Polyphonic chants.

ChurchThe Universe – 9th July 2006
The Bishop of Blackburn, the Rt Rev Nicholas Reade is urging affluent Anglicans to tour the back streets of deprived cities in his diocese so they can understand the problems of poverty.

Social IssuesThe Church of England Newspaper – 30th July 2006
Tony Blair has signaled to the leader of the Scottish Catholic Church that he is ready to allow time for Parliament to review Britain’s abortion laws.

Religion/SpiritualitySalvationist – 1st July 2006
A survey commissioned by car makers Kia uncovered that 35% of drivers say they are happy to let mess build up in their car, which they clear out only twice a year.

Odd FactsThe War Cry – 15th July 2006
According to Which magazine, the equivalent of nearly 20 million working days were spent last year waiting for workmen to turn up.

Odd FactsThe War Cry – 8th July 2006
A website has responded to the popularity of BBC Two’s The Convent by creating a virtual convent. The creators say that it replicates six different aspects of convent life and will allow users to explore their personal spirituality. The virtual convent can be visited at

ChurchThe War Cry – 8th July 2006
On being quizzed recently on what it feels like to be the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, chairman of the Microsoft Corporation replied: “I wish I wasn’t…….. There’s nothing good that comes out of it.”
What famous people sayThe Universe – 16th July 2006
Government plans to more than double spending on water and sanitation in Africa have been welcomed by the Christian relief and development agency Tearfund.

EnvironmentThe War Cry – 22nd July 2006
Research suggests that most people in Britain love their neighbourhood despite the apparent surge in yob culture.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 12th July 2006
An in-depth report into mobile phone use has revealed that over two thirds of us are regularly late for appointments and meeting our friends, with half of us agreeing that this is acceptable as long as we call whilst on route.
28% of us admit that we are hardly ever on time with 39% agreeing that being on time is not as important as it used to be as you can always use your mobile phone to let people know you’re going to be a few minutes late.

Dial-a-Phone – June 2006
Children with emotional and behavioural problems receive too little help too late according to education watchdog Ofsted.

EducationThe Sentinel – 13th July 2006
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