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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Experts predict that the total number of people going bankrupt in 2006 will exceed 100,000 for the first time.

MoneyEvangelical Times – September 2006
By the end of 2004, there were more than 420 million pages of porn on the web. Estimates are that internet users spend on average of 14.6 minutes per day viewing adult content online. According to comScore Networks – a company that measures internet use – 71.9 million people visited adult websites in August 2005, viewing more than 15 billion pages between them.

SexSalvationist – 12th August 2006
Each year the Mission to Seafarers makes around 64,000 ship visits, welcomes 500,000 seafarers to its centres, visits 800 in hospital and helps in 1,000 justice and welfare cases.

Odd FactsThe War Cry – 19th August 2006
Almost half of British adults enjoy a relationship with someone they have never MET - thanks to the internet, according to new research.
A staggering 44 per cent of people have a friendship with a stranger they only know through chatrooms and 'social networking' sites.
Research shows that 22 per cent of Brits regularly update an online profile, enabling people to see their details and contact them.
A quarter of people agreed that relationships conducted over the internet are far less taboo than they were three years ago.
And nearly a quarter of professional workers said that meeting people online is now an acceptable way of socialising for busy, career minded folk.

Social – August 2006
Despite England 's poor performance in the World Cup, more than half of UK bosses said allowing staff to watch World Cup matches made for a happier, more motivated workforce.
Only a quarter of bosses said employees were distracted during games, and they also thought their staff worked harder between games.

Work/EmploymentContinental's Business Omnibus – July 2006
One in four young people in the West Midlands have been in, or know someone who has been in, an accident at night in the last three years, according to new research from leading car insurer MORE TH>N. Despite representing only 10 per cent of the total driving population, statistics show that young car drivers are involved in over a quarter (28 per cent) of all UK accidents where a driver is killed or injured.

Young PeopleMore Than – August 2006
The average British person has a mere TWO true friends they can rely on according to new research. Although most people claim to have up to 14 mates, over half of us admit they're not close pals and say they stay friends out of 'habit'. But 70 per cent of folk say they've lost touch with the majority of their good pals over the years. A busy 12 per cent don't have the time, a third "just drifted apart" and 30 per cent said if they don't see a mate regularly enough they don't bother to get in touch. But a whopping 59 per cent said they wish they had kept in touch with pals from their school days and regret not making the effort.

Social – August 2006
Uncovering what will make you attractive to a potential employer has always been the holy grail for students looking for jobs, but new research with employers by the University of Hertfordshire has uncovered the winning formula.
Almost half (46 per cent) of employers ranked relevant work experience as one of the top three things they look for in potential new recruits. Almost the same number (43 per cent) look for evidence of a good 'work ethic', while two-fifths (41 per cent) cited a degree subject relevant to the job as one of the most important factors.
Just a quarter of graduate recruiters (24 per cent) claimed to be interested in the class of degree, while even fewer (14 per cent) were worried about the reputation of the university. And on both counts, it was male recruiters who were far more concerned with grades and reputation than the women.

Work/EmploymentUniversity of Hertfordshire – August 2006
American Express Insurance Services (AEIS) polled over 10,000 Britons about their holiday spending habits. The survey revealed the most popular items bought before travelling were maps and guide books (74%), shopping for holiday clothes (58%) and getting a hair cut (53%)

Travel/TourismAEIS – August 2006
It's official... the curvy lady is back in fashion. Not only are 'fifties clothes the new look but so are 'fifties curves. A survey by Mattessons - the company that loves mmmeat - has revealed that 80% of UK women would prefer a curvy shape to a thinner waif-like figure.
Odd FactsMattessons – 7th August 2006
Residents of the Central Midlands eat more frozen food than anyone else in the UK, according to new food trends research from Sainsbury’s. More than a third (34%) of people from Birmingham and the surrounding areas will stock up on frozen ready meals each week and 45 per cent will buy frozen vegetables.

Food and DrinkSainsbury’s – August 2006
Cost-cutting proposals that would axe seven of eight chaplains in Worcestershire ‘acute’ hospitals have been slammed by church and union leaders. Terminally ill patients would be left without pastoral care, according to the Amicus union.

Religion/SpiritualityDaily Telegraph – 9th August 2006
Compulsory RE for older pupils is an abuse of human rights, a Parliamentary joint committee has said. A month after schools minister Lord Adonis said students aged 16 upwards will have the right to withdraw themselves from collective worship, the committee said this right should be extended to RE.

EducationThe Times Educational Supplement – 11th August 2006
More than 4,000 young people are seriously injured at work every year. Thousands more have to take at least 3 days off sick after being hurt or injured in the workplace.

HealthThe Sentinel – 8th August
BP says the corrosion at its Alaskan oilfield is so severe it could shut down the US’s biggest source of crude for months and drive world fuel prices even higher.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 8th August
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