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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
The average UK broadband user spends around 50 days a year online. A YouGov survey found surfing the net is the most popular use for the high-speed internet connection. Users increasingly use it for the banking and shopping/

EntertainmentThe Sentinel – 8th August
Over 6 million people in the UK are looking for love online and an astonishing 71% of them are happy to admit it – according to a new survey carried out by

Odd FactsFree Dating – August 2006
Knife crime has risen sharply in three major areas in the last year.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 9th August 2006
The popularity of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) surged during 2005 with balances rising by an estimated 33% to almost £200bn.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 9th August 2006
The size of the average new home is shrinking as the Government puts pressure on builders to produce high density developments. The average plot size for a new property has shrunk to 973 square feet from 988 square feet during the past twelve months.
HousingThe Sentinel – 26th July 2006
One in five people says they do not trust their pension provider; while nearly half do not know how much their retirement fund is worth. Nearly a fifth of people did not think they had to pay anything for the management of their fund, and 48% did not realise they paid charges on an annual basis.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 31st July 2006
Britons spend more on holidays than any other nation in Europe. Nearly a third of us splash out between £300 and £500 on a vacation. Nearly half of Britons go away on three or more holidays a year. The Germans are the most frugal, with more than three quarters of them forking out less than £207.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 31st July 2006
A South Carolina man has won £50,000 on a lottery scratch-card just weeks after winning £125,000 on another scratch-card.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 4th August 2006
Children should not start formal schooling until the age of seven according to an influential Labour MP.

EducationThe Sentinel – 2nd August 2006
Children would rather get muddy outdoors with their friends than play computer games, a survey has shown. Playing outside instead of on the computer was picked by 86% of children in the poll and 72% said they wish they could get the chance more often.

Young PeopleThe Sentinel – 2nd August 2006
The state telephone company in Italy is paying murderers and Mafia mobsters 11p per call answered to work in its new call centre. Telecom Italia has opened a directory inquiry service inside the Rebibbia prison which is Rome’s largest jail. Twenty six prisoners work from 8am to 8pm.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 16th August 2006
More Americans know who Harry Potter is than can name Prime Minister Tony Blair. Some 57% of U.S. citizens correctly identified JK Rowling’s fictional teenage wizard. But just 50% could say who Britain’s leader was.

PoliticsThe Sentinel – 16th August 2006
Lives are potentially being put at risk because too many people lack even a basic knowledge of first aid, according to a new study. A survey of 2,400 people showed that less than a third of people consider themselves capable of carrying out simple procedures such as treating minor household injuries, and knowing how to deal with a broken bone.

HealthThe Sentinel – 16th August 2006
British soldiers could be manning UK jails if prison officers go on strike.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 11th August 2006
The NHS still has serious shortcomings despite the extra billions poured in by the Government, according to think tank Civitas.

HealthThe Sentinel – 14th August 2006
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