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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
One third of male fish in English rivers have changed sex due to gender bending chemicals seeping into the system. Female hormones from contraceptive pills and HRT are being washed into the rivers causing male fish to produce eggs.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 21st July 2006
Britons have purchased more than £247 of goods from illegal street traders. Staggeringly, more than one-in-three (37%) people who have been illegally approached to buy goods on a British street said they’d put moral considerations aside in pursuit of a bargain.

CrimeHalifax Home Insurance – July 2006
Fewer teenagers from poor back grounds are going to university according to new figures.

EducationThe Sentinel – 20th July 2006
More than a third of Britons are out of control with their holiday spending and are in danger of storing up financial woes when their sun-tan has faded according to research from Chiltern Debt Management.

MoneySource Marketing Communications – July 2006
Being working class can slash several years off your life new research has revealed.

HealthThe Sentinel – 20th July 2006
390,000 babies at risk of developing life-long foot problems each year. The study identifies that over half of the 716,000 babies born in the UK each year [1] could suffer lasting damage to their feet as Brits are unaware how fragile babies’ feet are. – July 2006
Almost 80% of young women happily spend more than they earn. Another three quarters admit to being spendaholics while a similar amount says having fun is more important than a career.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 18th July 2006
Lack of money worries and a settled family life makes the age of 57 the happiest time of your life - according to a survey.
The poll revealed that men and women in their late fifties were the group most at peace with the world - mainly because their families had flown the nest and they now had a disposable income to splash out on themselves.

Odd FactsWA Shearings – July 2006
Six out of ten headteachers want police deployed in schools to stop pupils taking drugs and carrying knives. A poll found 50% of all secondary school headteachers have witnessed a pupil carrying a knife into school on at least one occasion in the past year. Half have also experienced problems with pupils drunk or on drugs.

EducationThe Sentinel – 25th July 2006
More than 7.7 million trusting Brits (27 per cent of all working adults) are allowing relative strangers such as window cleaners, builders, and utility trades-people (electricity, gas, phone etc) to come and go unsupervised in their homes, according to new research by home insurer MORE TH>N.

Social IssuesMore Than – July 2006
The number of experiments on animals carried out in the UK rose by 41,300 last year to 2,896,000. The 1.4% increase on the previous 12 months was revealed in Home Office statistics.

ScienceThe Sentinel – 25th July 2006
A survey into the behaviour of young Brits has revealed that people are putting their sexual health at risk when celebrating stag and hen dos. The survey of 1000 16-30 year olds also reveals that while nearly 800,000 sexually transmitted infections were diagnosed in 2005, ¼ of young adults admitted that the main reason why they didn’t use a condom on a one night stand was because they were too drunk.

SexHens Behaving Badly – 13th July 2006
Two new drugs could help save the lives of thousands of lung cancer patients. The drugs work by restricting tumour growth in people who carry a mutated gene. It is thought 30% of people with cancer could have this gene.

HealthThe Sentinel – 21st June 2006
New statistics show that 56% of gap years taken in the UK are by the over 25’s and perhaps more surprisingly 38% of all gap years taken are by the over 55’s.

Travel/TourismAmerican Express – July 2006
A study by consumer website found that a Nectar point available at Sainsbury’s, could be worth just 0.54p while a Tesco Clubcard point is worth just 1p in store.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 21st June 2006
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