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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
The cost of bringing up a child has rocketed to £180,000. The new estimated cost to parents is £180,137, equivalent to £23.50 a day. Childcare and education are the biggest expenditures costing $49,092 and £46,778.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 9th November 2006
Britain has the highest rate for teenage pregnancy in the EU.

Social IssuesSword – November / December 2006
The brakes on almost a third of cars could fail without notice, recent tests have revealed. Half of cars examined had defective braking systems and 29% were in such a bad condition that drivers were unintentionally risking their lives.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 9th November 2006
One in thirty young people aged 16-25 have experienced homelessness.

Social IssuesSword – November / December 2006
Winter depression, which affects people, can also hit houses as problems such as broken heating systems and electrical faults increase. The recent study suggests buildings, as well as people can suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel - 9th November 2006
Four million children grow up in poverty in Britain today.

Social IssuesSword – November / December 2006
Homes in the north of England are more energy efficient than those in the south, the worst areas being in London, according to a recent survey.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 18th September 2006
New forecasts released by the Digital Radio Development Bureau predict that DAB radios will be in more than half of UK households by the end of 2010.

MediaThe Radio Magazine – 25th / 31st October 2006
More than 10,000 sightings of unusual and exotic animals have been reported in the UK since 2000 and the figure is set to grow. The reported sightings include 5,931 big cats, 332 wild boars and 3,389 sharks in British waters.
EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 18th September 2006
Does prison work? A recent report from the Home Office reveals that 57% of adult offenders are convicted of another crime within two years of walking out of the prison gates.

Social IssuesSalvationist – 18th November 2006
Young people in Britain risk suffering health problems due to a chronic lack of vitamins in their diet. Nutrients like iron and calcium are lacking in young people’s meals. It found that 96% of women aged 19 to 24 were at risk of becoming iron deficient.

HealthThe Sentinel – 18th September 2006
More than nine million people are held in prisons throughout the world.

Social IssuesSalvationist – 18th November 2006
Wrinkly Rolling Stone Keith Richards has been jamming for Jesus on a new album of spirituals and Afro Caribbean music.

MediaThe Son – Autumn 2006
Across the AIDS belt of East and Southern Africa there are some 12 million orphans.

World IssuesInspire Magazine – November 2006
Demand is rising for Bibles in China and India despite Christians there being in the minority. The People’s Republic of China has an official Bible printing house. Since 1987 its press in Nanjing has turned out more than 46 million copies of the Bible and the New Testament. Official Bible distribution figures in China have reached 2.5 million copies per year.

ChurchThe Evangelical Times – October 2006
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