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Last update: Wednesday 25th March
Fear of internet crime is rising as more people shop and bank online, a new report warns.
CrimeThe Sentinel – 9th October 2006
In a recent survey of head teachers, 27% of secondary heads reported they’d had experience of a pupil carrying a bladed weapon in the last year; 15% said it had happened on two occasions; and a further 8% said it had happened between three and five times. About 40% of all gun and knife enabled crime takes place in London, and particularly in areas of South London.

CrimeYouthwork – November 2006
One in five Britons would prefer to have been born French, according to a new report.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 9th October 2006
The European Confectionary Market to 2007 report shows that Britain consumes an average of over 24lbs (11.2kg) per person per year. More than any other European country.

Food and DrinkChristianity – November 2006
Confirming what many men have longed believed, a survey has found women are grumpier than men in the morning. They also stay in a bad mood for longer. The survey found 24% of men say they never wake up grumpy, as opposed to only 14% of women.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 26th October 2006
According to a 2006 survey by the Down’s Syndrome Association: 37% of parents who find out at birth their child has Down’s Syndrome were given no written information about their condition. 40% were given no practical support such as the details of a local parent support group. 22% of parents who decide to go ahead with the pregnancy despite knowing their baby had Down’s Syndrome felt their decision had not been supported by health professionals. Two thirds of parents were given their test results over the phone, many of them on their own and some when they were at work. In 2004 almost a thousand mothers aborted Down’s babies including some who were involved in traumatic terminations carried out well beyond the normal 24 week limit. Abortions of babies suffering from Down’s now outstrip the incidence of live births. 657 babies were born with the chromosomal disorder in 2004, compared with an estimated 957 abortions, the highest figure on record, and a threefold increase on 15 years ago. Parents also reported that many health professionals had outdated or prejudiced views about people with Down’s Syndrome, and felt they had been pushed towards termination or adoption when they received a positive diagnosis.

HealthThe Universe – 1st October 2006
The dangers of modern fishing may spell the end for one of the world’s largest and most magnificent flying birds, the albatross. Conservationists believe 100,000 a year are being killed by long line fishing and fear they cannot reproduce fast enough to make up the amount being lost.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 7th November 2006
Sectarian attacks on churches and halls in the last five years have forced the Northern Ireland tax payer to stump up more than £4 million.

Religious PersecutionThe Universe – 1st October 2006
Pressure to achieve is stripping children of the chance to believe in the tooth fairy, a Cartoon Network poll has found. Parents said they believed in fairies until the age of 10, but youngsters now lose these illusions at just 6.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 6th November 2006
The Salvation Army is the largest and most diverse provider of social welfare in the world, and in the United Kingdom the Annual Appeal donations help to fund a variety of work including:
1,500,000 meals served at community and residential centres.
79,000 prisoners visited.
3,000 homeless people given food and shelter every night.
More than 3,000 people reunited with families through the Family Tracing Service.
300 youth clubs providing a caring environment for young people.
80 drop in centres offering support and help for people in need.
54 nurseries and playgroups.
14 breakfast and after school clubs for latch key kids.
6 residential centres for victims of alcohol and drug abuse.

ChurchSalvationist – 16th September 2006
The UK is becoming a surveillance society where technology is used to track people’s lives a new report states.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 2nd November 2006
51% of 16-24 year olds have never been to a festival, with almost 20% of women never considering to go to one.

Odd FactsThe Main Event – September 2006
Britain’s youths are some of the worst behaved in Europe. Studies show British 15 year olds are drunk more often, and involved in more fights compared with their counterparts in Germany, France and Italy.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 2nd November 2006
26% of women are put off going to a festival by the prospect of terrible toilets. Only 18% of men say this would put them ff.

Odd FactsThe Main Event – September 2006
Poor diets, smoking, drinking and stress are prematurely ageing our skin by up to four years, a new survey suggests. The research claims the average Briton’s skin looks three years older than it actually is, with people in north east London having the oldest looking skin in the UK.

HealthThe Sentinel – 1st November 2006
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